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Hello everyone, first off just wanted to say Hello and boy am i happy to find this site. i didnt think forums like these existed and i feel lucky to stumble on it! ive spent the past while lurking and reading and figured now was a good time to start posting!

i am 23 years old and have been skiing since i can remember, so quite a long time. i would rate myself as an advanced technical skier, more inclined to mastering technique them blowing down the hill as fast as possible. anyways, i have been skiing on a set of Kestle TCX LE skis for a few years as i go to school. i have finally reached the point in life where i can afford some good solid equipment as the stuff i have is clearly well aged and i find myself 'over-skiing' the equipment pretty much all the time to the point of not enjoying it. last year and the year before i demo'ed several upper end skis, from salomon equipe, atomics and even rossis once. although i know i must now focus on the new techniques of skiing(the kestles are straight, non-porabolics), i would like to get myself onto a ski that will keep me going for a couple more years(hence avoiding low end parabolics). im looking at 2004 model skis for fundage purposes. on the mountain im usually found on the single or double blacks, not doing any moguls, 'off roading' or stunts. basically turns of various diameters. i dont race, but i do like to kick it up a notch doing research im really liking the atomic gs11. it seems to be a good ski but id love to hear input on other skis that would be good for a person like myself.
by the way im 6'2 and weight about 165+ pounds.