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Machete Sin

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Has anyone tried these skis?
I found them at R.E.I. for $200
How do the perform the the trees, bump, groomed,park etc.?
Is the 104,81,115 too wide for east coast skiing?
If so, are the machete souls better?
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I prefer the Souls for the East.
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I tried the Sin last year. It was very true to the Volant reputation, stable, smooth, and had great edge hold. It was a high speed ski, in my opinion. Longer radius, seemed relatively stiff to me (I was 175 lbs at the time). I found it quite nice on the groomed runs, but too much for me on the bumps. I almost bought the Soul without trying it because of the REI price. They were selling them for less than $150 for awhile with an online coupon that has expired. The Soul has a reputation for being a great bump ski according to the ski press. I was willing to take a chance for the price, but instead picked up a used Rossi Bandit X on Ebay. The price on the Volants right now is hard to believe.
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I echo what retired said. I'm 5'7", 150 lbs and I tried the 175, which I think has a shorter turning radius than the 185. They were smooth, quiet, stable, and fairly lively. Great edge grip. They plow through crud, but for me they were too stiff for all but the smallest bumps. I thought they were quick enough, just too stiff.

I think their width is fine for the east coast, but I wouldn't get them unless you can handle something like a g4 or r:ex, they're softer than those, but not by much I don't think.
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Sin 175cm

I'm 5' 7" at 180lbs and I find the 175cm to be perfect
as an everyday Tahoe ski, not an ice skate or a pure
powder board. A good G4 or REX replacement when
skiied a little longer.

Good luck.
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