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Looking for a east coast trees / spring snow ski. Mostly for tight turns, but still want that ability to do some higher speed gs turns. Would like the ability to do those on spring snow too.

Anyone been on both of these skis?

I like my dynastar ski cross 66' in a 170. They're very quick, lively and stable. They're not as fast through softer snow as a wider-waisted ski though.

I've been on the machete sin in a 175, which I found lively and very stable but too stiff for bumpy stuff. Good west coast ski but not for the east. I've heard the soul is more versatile.

Looking at the machete soul in a 170 or the intuitiv 74 in a 167. I'm 5'7", 150 lbs, level 8 skier. Basically trying to figure out which one will be more stable and which one will be quicker. I figure that the machete soul will have a good crud-busting ability with the steel cap, but there's also a concern that it might be a tad too narrow.