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Breck/Keystone Dec 18-31 - Page 2

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OMG, Lisa!!! Uncle Louie told me about this! I remember what you told me about your son asking you "What's the worst that can happen if you fall?" and you said "I can lose a whole season skiing."

Lets hope this is only a temporary set back.
BTW, even a severe face injury would not make Lisa look scary!
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you're a doll lisa....i should send u the pics! EEPs
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Rdy2ski, I am glad you are alive and reasonably well after all that! I am very sorry we won't get to meet tomorrow, but wish you a speedy and complete recovery!
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Good Lord woman you scared some of us! I talked to Uncle Louie on Instant messenger last night and got the story....:

SOOOO glad to hear that you are more or less Okay. It was the head injury that was worrisome - 3 staples is a blessing in disguise!:
On the upside - now you've got a gnarly battle scar you can tell stories about!

Hope you mend quickly - keep us posted.
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Thx for all the get well wishes Yea, they were most worried about head trauma and facial bones broken. So much so that they sent me in an ambulance to a good trauma center in Denver: But all is/was ok. I won't find out about my hand til Monday when i go to the specialist. My mom-in-law is a nurse and said that it could be long (like six bloody months) recovery, because its such a critical ligament. Either way, I plan on asking them to cast me well

I'm so grateful tho...could have been a lot worse. You probably have a more vivid version because I just don't recall how/what happened. My son saw me the split second before we hit,,,dunno if i saw him. The ppl on scene Louie and 2 boarders were awesome, ski potrol was excellent, everyone was. One nurse i really liked...she kept calling me princess (and shortly after i saw my bashed in face eeks).

Hey Louie, if you get a chance give me a buzz, i don't have your number. And thx for helping my son withgettin all our gear to the car
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Good news ! (well sort of) What I saw was a GIANT puff of snow---a small crowd and your son in a stumble on the hill with gear all over the place.........Then a motionless body 20" off the hill against a tree...It did not look good at all.......

It was a really fun day up to that point---Thanks to you and "L" for the really fun turns.. and REALLY glad it wasn't a lot worse...

Recover Quick !!!!!
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Damn Louie, glad we didn't have an accident like that during our day together out there! lol

Rdy2ski, sorry to hear about the accident, but glad to hear that you are ok for the most part. Get well soon and hope for a speedy recovery!

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