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New Snow

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We've been hit by the Lake Effect Snow machine the past two days. I've got a solid 16" of nice light powder in my yard right now and it's still snowing. Taking into consideration that the first three inches melted because the ground in not frozen yet, it's been a good storm. I had the F7 cranked up for a while tonight. Did some laps around the back 70 acres and up the road a ways. Got the ski being tuned as we speak. Holiday Valley will open up on Thursday this week with at least three runs open. Snow on and off for the remainder of the week with another Alberta Clipper due next week for another round of Lake Effect. Looks like a White Christmas and good skiing at both Holiday and Holimont. My Son arrived home from Colorado Sunday night. The Wife said he brought it with him.
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What's your son doing after X-mas? We could use some snow over here in the PNW.
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My Brother in Law told me the the Snowqualmie river is creaping into his back yard. He lives in North Bend, WA.
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Hey there Lars...
We'll be skiing Saturday morning, as soon as the cable guy comes. What a day for a cable tech appt., eh?

Anyways... lets keep the snow coming!

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I am sooo envious, you all enjoy now...hear!
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