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Hi Folks:

I'm sure you all remember the Rossi Course Kx boot. An oldie but goodie. Carvemeister and I know these boots well.

Does anyone out there remember where the Course E stood in comparison? Stiffer? Softer?

Someone's offering me a pair of the Course E's as a cheap replacement for my busted Kx's, and after arduous bouts of Googling, I've dredged up exactly zero useful info on how these two compare. Too far back, it seems.

But you guys know everything! Maybe the renowned EpicSki "organic database" will prove more encyclopaedic than its silicon rival, at least when it comes to stuff more than four seasons old...

FYI: The Course K/Kx was the yellow body w/ black details version; the Course E was the reverse: black body w/ yellow details--if that helps jog anyone's memory.

Thanks in advance.

-Desperately Seeking Schussing