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"Double Edged" skis?

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Had someone brag up their "race stock" GS skis (Heads) as having a "double edge", which he explained as being two edges stacked on top of each other. Sounds like puffery to me. Maybe on a samurai sword . . . Would anyone care to confirm or debunk this?
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Sounds like they may have been talking about side and base being different.

A sword has only one edge .... dai or sho .... :
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Yeah, I've heard about those skis. The Head Sensor Excel, I think it's called.
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If I recall correctly, for the last couple of years there was a company who would put a tiny, sub-mm groove down your edge. They claimed this would increase the local pressure the edge exerted on hardpack and hence it would hold better. I haven't been following all of the newest Head developments, but I wonder if they might be talking about something similar.

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I had heard volkl was going to be using that technique in their edges, calling it double edgehold or something like that. I dont know if it ever panned out into the production line of their new high end skis or not though. A new/better edge design for skis would be a great revolution for the industry, much like the shaped ski... but i think we may be a few years off from that at this point in time. Carbon steel is just too easy to use and sharpen for it not to be used. A small groove in the edge would have to be put back into the edge after every base grind would it not??
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I think that concept has been on the minds of many of us for a long time. Especially the racers ....... tip em a bit and you find the edge, rock over to the point of boot out and hook up that second edge. But how do you sharpen such a ski?
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I believe the concept you are referring to is the ICE (Ice Control Edge) innovation developed by Ed Dittmar who is from the Seattle area. He invested a lot in this system and had quite a few racers trying it out. I do believe that Marc Girardelli used this while winning World Cup Races. This concept was promoted by Reliable Racing and featured in their catalog up until ten years or so ago. The groove principle was equated to the edge shape of an ice skate as the actual cross section of an ice skate is concave in order to increase the edge pressure. I had the ICE istalled on a pair of K2 slalom skis and it was installed on the inside edges for a distance of about 30-inches centered underfoot. It did give you edge hold, but as I far as I can remember it also made the ski quite grabby and a little unpredictable. (Or maybe that was me). The groove was fairly deep and would stand up to several stone grinds. The wholle ICE thing disappeared rather quietly.
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Norefjell - Yup, the ICE system is indeed the one I was thinking of. Thanks!

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Hexcell made a version of the Super Comp that actually had two pieces of edge material integrated into the ski layup. They called it the Blue Ice. It made the Super Comp even more stiff than it had been, as well as significantly heavier. I've seen, held and tried to flex that ski by hand, but never rode it. I don't think it had any sort of commercial success. Its date would have been in the late 1970's, I believe.
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Dave, if it’s “Double Grip” your friend was talking about it’s from Volkl in their new P60 range (out next season). It’s basically just another core stacked on top of the bottom core over the edges. Imagine a really stretched out X sitting on top of a conventional ski.

I’ve been skiing the P60 SC racing for the past few weeks and am very impressed. Good edge hold sure, but much more forgiving than the previous P50.


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