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i was just curious about helmets cuz i was wondering, a ton of boarders go off jumps everyday without helmets, in fasct i very rarely see boarders with helmets...why is this? just not stylish? i see many skiiers with it (im assumiong because skiing isnt as popular currently so those who ski well on jump are also those who are in ski teams and prbly have the training to include helmets and such int their skiing. i used to wear one but currently just wear i cap. i dont jump much but im trying on improving that and my ability sometime..
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I see helmets on everyone (well not literally), on both skiers and boarders. However, there is ongoing research into the effectiveness of helmets in a crash on snow, and this debate has been around a couple years. Basically, the studies showed that crashes above something like 20MPH were no more protected by a helmet than those with similar crashes without helmets.

I just wear mine because I like to land on my head, so therefore, in little, slowspeed crashes, I might prevent a minor concussion (of which I've had many).
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If I hit a wall at 20 mph I'd rather be wearing a helmet than not. Bear in mind that the 20 mph figure is derived from striking an object directly while skiing at 20 mph and not falling down to the ground while skiing at 20 mph. There is a huge difference.


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unknownelementx, I don't know where you ski/ride, but I seem to recall helmet use in the general population (i.e., non-racers) starting with snowboarders. Here, I see a pretty even mix. But, I've seen far more boarders smack their heads on the ground than I have seen skiers do the same.

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I read that here in the forums, and it was 12MPH on a head-on collision with a solid object. But the point is it will protect from glancing blows and secondary impacts. (shoulder hits first, head hits next)

Helmets that soldiers wear are penetrated by rifle ammo when hit straight on, but noone disputes that they are necessary.

On the other hand, many people go about their lives just fine never wearing their seatbelts. It's on the rare occasion when they get into an accident that it makes a difference! It's the same for snowsport helmets.
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