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Top 5 best Places to ski out East, anybodys take?

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Well, Well, Well the east sure aint the west but it is second best

I am taking a trip out there and i am hoping 2 hit some good spots

Places i have in Mind

Killington- Big very Big, a lot 2 offer

Stratton-Good verticle, nice mix of runs

Bromely Mountain- not as good but a eastern classic

OKemo mountain- nice grooming, one of vermount's better mountains

Jiminy Peak, MA- My realitives who have season passes there say its a nice little spot with a couple of fun tough Trails...get for the afternoon

Hunter Mountain- CLose to Albany, where i am staying

Pico Mountain- Not crouded, people stay its a nice place to go for a day.

My Eastern Top 5 places i would go if i had the time and the money would be

2. Stowe
3. Sugarbush
4. Mad River Glen
5. Okemo mountain

If anybody has a opinion or some experince with these places just reply please

"Please the snow gods everybody in the midwest and out east...we need snow"

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While we all love lists -- and year's end is prime list-publishing time for the media -- I fear this exercise will quickly devolve into "the ultimate ski car" thread as it's just too personal a question to be productive.

Because I haven't been to many of the better mountains (Okemo, Mad River, Jay) the only real concrete contributions I can make to your list are as follows:

- I think most "enthusiasts" would put Jay Peak way up on that list.
- There is no way Killington belongs #1, unless of course you are basing your ranking on apres skiing and odds at getting "lucky," which, though unpopular board topics, are indeed legitimate criteria. Especially if you succeed at the latter.
- Sunday River deserves serious consideration, as does Sugarloaf.

You are better off ranking according to more specific metrics, such as:

Best Eastern Mountain for challenging terrain? (Jay? Mad River?)
Best Eastern Mountain for romantic getaway? (Stowe? Bretton Woods/Mount Washington Hotel?)
Best Eastern Mountain to avoid crowds? (Beats me!)
Best Eastern Mountain for families? (Okemo? Sunday River?)
Best Eastern Mountain for reliable snow? (Okemo for snowmaking? Jay for natural snowfall?)
Best Eastern Mountain for "Stuck In Time" New England Charm? (Wildcat? Cannon? Perhaps even Stowe in a way?)
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Top 5 in the East

Well, let's see...

1) Sunday River - eight mountains spread the crowd around pretty well so that there are never significant lines, and the snow is generally going to be as good or better than most any place else in the East. Great terrain.

1) Jay Peak - generally great snow, even when no place else has any, and the terrain is fantastic. Also nice to have the mix of Quebequoise culture.

3) Sugarloaf - great big ole mountain with plenty of snow most of the time.

4) Killington (crowds can kill this one though -)

5) Cannon - need to have fairly decent natural snowfall (which we haven't yet this year), but the terrain is great and the non-commercial atmosphere is a relief.

Sugarbush and Stowe are probably tied for 5th...
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i liked the ultimate ski car thread
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I think you would need to break down your criteria a bit, and not just say in New England, but a few of note (and my thoughts):
Jay Peak - great glades and some very difficult terrain (only US Freeskiing Qualifiers on the EAST Coast)
Cannon - Heaven and Hell area, its either great or glare ice and it gets down right COLD
Killington/Sunday River - HUGE, big crowds, K has better night life, both have very diverse trail selections and great snowmaking capabilities
Mad River - need I say more
Stowe - I just flat out love this area, both the skiing and town are great
Sugarbush - was fun, but never was a huge fan although I know a lot of people who are
Stratton - good park, too ritzie for me
Mountain Creek NJ - Rated best park on the East Coast and Intrawest has dumped a lot of money into improvements
Ragged - supposed to be one of the best values in skiing on the east quality vs cost
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not necessarily in order: killington, stowe, sugarbush, sugarloaf, cannon, for the reasons others stated.
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I just skied Sugarloaf today, according to their latest claim they have the most trails open (67) in the East right now. The snowfields and all other trails are above Spillway X-cut are closed, but several major trails are nicely groomed, most aren't but this is some of the best early season skiing in years. The 'natural' trails like Lower Bubblecuffer and Ripsaw are growing respectable bumps that will only get bigger, and although I managed to find a patch of blue ice last week, it was buried today. The snow was great and except for the CVA students flying around practicing their trade and a few parents with their tots, we had the place to ourselves. I'll admit, it was cold and getting colder! Will go again Thursday and check it out again.
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day trippin...

If you are only doing day trips....these are worth a day...within 2hrs of Albany. I would not call this this the best...but you will not go wrong with a day trip.
Mt. Snow
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Try Plattekill for a day trip if conditions are right...
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I have to say Okemo first, I work there so I guess I have to.
I enjoy Sugarloaf when I can make it up there.
Killington is great if you know an insider or go on a weekday and know your way around.
Jay has awesome snow if you hit it right.
Stowe is just classic.
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Killington, Sugarloaf, Jay, Stowe, Sugarbush.
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you need to provide more details on what type of ski experience you are looking for. there are so many different kinds of ski areas and resorts, you are gonna get a hundred different "must ski lists" unless you firm up what you are looking for in your experience. most specifically, to offer a serious recommendation, you need to share your thoughts on your skiing ability, the types of trails you like and want to ski, crowds, does powder matter, how about historical aspects and a "true eastern feel" vs. a "resort feel," and your night life preferences would be helpful.

first, i will limit my thoughts since you are staying in albany area or else sugarloaf in maine would be the first recommendation. your best odds on powder are clearly northern VT such as jay peak, burke, stowe, and smuggs and a mad river valley combo of MRG and sugarbush is a good idea too. these areas also offer up solid challenge, and you can also add cannon for a slightly longer drive but excellent challenge and second to none skiing when the snow falls.

if you prefer a groomers paradise instead of lots of powder and challenge, then keep stratton and okemo on the list. otherwise, i can't see making these a point as they are far from the best unless you prefer the 'resort' image, feel, and options. can't see skiing jiminy with so many better options up north, same with bromley. not a bad hill, but if you are only going to pick five, might as well pick the best!
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Here are some great eastern Canadian ski areas in Quebec:

Mont Tremblant
Mont Saint Anne
Le Massif
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If you go far enough East, I would say :-

No 1 The Fluhalp in Zermatt. Great views and atmosphere and last February they had an absolutely amazing live band on.

No 2 The revolving restaurant at the top of Muerren. Chicken and chips was nice but the views were the main thing. They were brilliant. It was in the James Bond film with Telly Savalas in it (can't remember the name but it is always showing in a room up there).

No 3 The nice gaff with linen tablecloths at the top of the Parsen in Davos.

So all Swiss.

French cooking is fine but the big French station de skis do not really provide the standard of food that you would get elsewhere in the country.
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I thought this thread was the top places to eat in eastern ski resorts

Dyslexia rules KO.
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I'll go with:

Sunday River

: : :
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Hehe..."out" east. Yeah riiiiight. Go to Stowe and follow a local. And be sure to stay in Burlington to sample the nightlife. The airport is 10 minutes from town, and about 50 from Stowe/Sugarbush.
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Thanks guys i love the mix of ideas

I probley will only ski the lower part of Vermount- Killington and down

I just hope they get some more snow out there. So i can ski some powder out there

Thx for the ideas.

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My top two places in the east (that I've skied) are Whiteface and Sugarloaf. I have never hit Jay Peak, but really that's the only big name place that I haven't. Whiteface and the Loaf definitely provide the most interesting terrain and the strongest feelings of being in the wilderness. MRG is alright, but REALLY slow lifts and the fact that the terrain is interesting if and only if you find bumped up icey glades interesting.
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Bombs away...

I know I'll take some flak for this, but for me, Sunday River is the pits. Maybe it's all the Starter jackets, the low natural snowfall (which leads to less options in the woods - where I like to ski), the lack of decent vertical drop. I think it's probably a great place to go if you want intermediate groomers and snowmaking, but I want more challenge. Others may disagree.

My top 5 in no particular order:
Jay Peak
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
Sure you don't want to rethink this one?
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My basis is on snow and quality and diversity of terrain:

Jay Peak

I can't put Killington on there because too many people means it gets skied off, the woods get tracked out, and you can't let it rip on groomers (also not possible because of a poor trail layout with way too many junctions). Killington wins if you consider the nightlife and the gondolas are nice on windy days.

If you're going to be in Albany you should probably make the drive to Whiteface. That would make my top 5 for sure if they got more snow. Also, you should grab a slice at "I love NY pizza" in Troy.
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Sure you don't want to rethink this one?
well, I'm remembering a 1978 Okemo, james... I have no clue what it's like now.
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Keep in mind a few of these hills I have not skied but this would be my top 5 not in any particular order

1. Sugarloaf (never been) Big steep hill, good snow good terrain self contained. \
2. MRG terrain terrain terrain. I love to not see mrg on many lists, the less the merrier.
3. Le massif. Consistant pitch 2500 of vert. Spectacular food great views, great snow(never been)
4. Jay Peak Great snow, big mountain, great trees and terrain
5. Stowe The full package, town, mountain, view, terrain, snobs...

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My top 5 criteria are snow quality, terrain variety, and lift system:

Stowe, simply the best.
Sugarbush, two mt for the price of one.
Cannon, my skiing roots.
Killington, always skiable, unpredictable, and Cascade in late April.
Mount Saint Anne, Vive la difference!
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Mount snow
Jay peak

haven't been to a couple but these are my top 5 I would like to ski at. the loaf is def # 1...been there and love it
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in PA...Elk!
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Other than tthe fact that the mountain has not moved the Okemo of 1978 and the Okemo of 2004 are as different as could be. Based on some of gonzostrike's posts, it doesn't strike me as the type of place he would enjoy today.

My top 5 eastern mountains are...

1. Sugarbush
2. Mad River Glen
3. Stowe
4. Jay Peak
5. Killington

Sunday River has a lot of slopes and a decent pitch, but lacks vertical.

Whiteface has the vert, but I find it's trails kind of boring. The toughness of the place is over rated.

Cannon is ok. I haven't been there since they opened the tram line and other stuff on that side from the top. The mountains rep for toughness is based on their sometimes godawful conditions. Ski it in decent snow and it's easy.
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Like I said in my initial post on this topic, it's very difficult to get any concensus on such a broad-stroke question as, "What are the best X# mountains in the East"? Not that it's a bad or irrelevant question. It's a great question. It just will lead to division, not unity.

Let's just be careful to not paint our opinions as fact. Exhibit A: Crank.

Originally Posted by crank
Sunday River has a lot of slopes and a decent pitch, but lacks vertical.
Hmm. Then let's compare Sunday River's vertical to his five top mountains:

Sunday River: 2,340 ft. Crank's top 5:

1. Sugarbush - 2,650 ft.
2. Mad River Glen - 2,037 ft.
3. Stowe - 2,360 ft.
4. Jay Peak - 2,153 ft.
5. Killington - 3,050 ft.

This would put Sunday River smack dead center -- in a virtual tie with Stowe -- in terms of vertical. It's fine to not add Sunday River to your list. But let's just try to characterize mountains with fact [e.g., "Whiteface has the vert" (the stats clearly support that claim)] or opinion [e.g., "I find it's (SIC)trails kind of boring"] ... rather than opinion in fact's clothing, as that could be unfair and misleading.
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