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Advice on Winter Park?

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I'm going to Winter Park for the first time.

I've read all the old threads. Does anybody have anything to add about favorite runs, bars/restaurants, cheap lodging, conditions.........?

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Try the Rocky Mountain Inn/Hostel for good lodging deals. Can get dorm rooms for as low as $20/night

Like trees runs? WP has amazing tree runs and I typically spent a lot of time in there.
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Love the laid-back vibe. WP has more flat spots, while MJ is less crowded with great blue, blue-black, and blacks. Lots of bumps of all types on many runs. Parsenn Bowl is one of my favorite areas -- wide open above-treeline skiing (see this panorama).
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Stop by the Winter Park Pub on Saturday, they have the best damn pizza special - $12 for a huge deepdish pie that will feed 3 180lb guys. To get there, go down route 40 into Winter Park town. It's about 200 yards after the last light in town, on your left after the ReMax.
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