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Balance Training "Toy" For Kids???

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What's the best balance training "toy" out there for kids?

I have an athletic seven-and-a-half year old daughter and since she and her friends like to endlessly challenge one another when they're stuck indoors on rainy days I thought a balance/proprioception device might offer hours of useful fun. I also have a three-and-a-half year old daughter who could slowly start to benefit from such a thing.

Of course, I could also use it with dumbells and all the furious seriousness of a middle-aged guy...but I really want to get it for the kids to use without weights.

But what's best for kids and why? BOSU, balance board (same as wobble board?), Versa discs, Bongo boards etc. etc. There are so many different ones out there....

Thanks in advance,

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Not sure it's the best, but Pivit boards are available all over for ~$59. Same concept as a voo-doo (sp?) but 1/2 the jing.
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How much space do you have? Balance beams are great, and easy to make out of an eight foot 2X8. Plenty of different challenges kids can do, and devise, on them.
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There are smaller stability balls made for kids. They love them, and it's the best balance exercise possible.
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The stability balls sound great, but actually I'm looking for something that my kids can stand on.

Is there a standing balance toy out there that you can recommend?


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Interesting thread. However, here is an angle that most of us adults tend to conveniently forget.

Active kids work on their proprioception all the time in many of their play activities. Skate boarding, bouncing on a pogo stick, roller blading, even cheer leading, swinging on swings.... even hop scotch. The list is endless.

We adults don't play that way anymore. When was the last time most of us did summersaults? Thus we need specialized equipment to keep our proprioception honed, and instead of playing, we call it training.
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I agree with you, that's why I stated in my opening post that "my daughter and and her friends like to endlessly challenge one another when they're stuck indoors on rainy days."

Last weekend it was raining and one of her fellow seven-year-olds was obsessed with standing and circling on a Sit 'n Spin. (He also did the indoor Hop Scotch carpet 100 time -- count 'em.)

Anyway the kids are getting a little large for standing on the Sit 'n Spin...besides the fact that it scratches the floor.

Maybe the Pivit is the way to go.

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Vew-do balance boards come in small sizes and have the roller ball retained now, to avoid spitting the board out and breaking windows!
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Try the dyna discs.
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My kids (6 and 8) found an old ski mag in the house that showed Darron Rahlves squatting on a yoga ball. They like his skiing so now they think my Yoga ball is the cool latest thing to stand on, bounce on, flip on, roll over with etc. I don't know if it is what you are looking for, but it has become the indoor playground at our house.

The other big balance thing is to climb the interior doorways (like a chimeny), and see how many ways there is to hang from the top. I guess we have too many climbing mags at the house also.

Goog luck.
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If you want, you can make an el cheapo balance board with an empty two-liter soda bottle and a skateboard deck. Before I tell ya how it's done, I assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries, property damage, etc. sustained during the use of said contraption. With that said, it's not the safest toy to mess around with when you're first trying to get the hang of it.

Anyway, pull a 2 liter bottle out of the recycling bin and fill it completely with water. For best results, fill up your bath tub and completely submerge the bottle so that there are NO air bubbles inside. Once you've got all of the air out, cap the bottle while it is still underwater and make sure that the cap is on as tight as you can get it. Then, acquire a skateboard deck or take the trucks and wheels off of one that doesn't get used anymore and presto, a balance board on the cheap. As a last note, make sure the skateboard deck has grip tape on it and do be careful.
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I Went with Pivit

I went with the Pivit brand over the others (Vew-Do and Bongo). Maybe I made a mistake...too late now!

The Pivit is cheaper and you can attach some training blocks that will make it fun for my 3-year-old as well as my 7-year-old.

Maybe in the future I'll pick up a small stability ball or a BOSU.

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We have a vew-do and it is a blast.You really feel it in your legs.
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Was Christmas Shopping at Costco yesterday.... (Christmas is a Christian Holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Goodwill and Peace To All ....)

Anyway, I saw and was real tempted to pick up an item that was a variant of a skateboard. Instead of the regular two wheels on the front and back, each wheel set constisted of about six or seven wheels across. The board was curved laterally, so that it rocked and rolled side to side. The purpose of this board is to train for snowboarding. I'm an old guy and just tried standing on it - I thought it was cool.

I think it would make a great training tool, a child could start by just standing on it. I recommend a helmet and snowboarding wristguards.
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