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Pico v. Mt. Snow

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I can probably squeeze in another weekend of skiing sometime late Feb/early March. I am thinking about Pico (need an American Ski Co. mountain). I have two weekends at Killington, two at Attitash, two at Sunday River.

So I would like to try a different mountain for this bonus weekend. My choices are Pico or Mt. Snow. Does anyone have any strong preferences?
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Are you kidding?

PICO. Great hill, no crowds.
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I have skied both a ton. I had a couple of passes at Mt snow and like 3 years of passes at Pico in college. They both have good and bad. He is right about the crowds, pico is empty. It skis fast and big, you do laps on the summit quad and you are hurting in a few hours. Mount Snow can be fun during the week, but on weekends ewwww. My big problem with Pico is I got bored of it. Since you have skied there little or not at all this should not be a problem and I would recomend it. If you prefer bumps mount snow is much stronger in that dpt.

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The other "bonus" to Pico is that I can stay at that Mendon Mountainview Resort ... the place that was so good to us and our dog when we went to Killington earlier this season.

I would say that on our list of priorities, small crowds would be #1.
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Or try something different, Bear Peak/Atitash. Don't they still belong to ASC?
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Mt. Snow over Pico. Much more terrain and more challenging terrain over on "The North Face". Pico is Ok if you are just doing a day trip, not enough there for more than that.
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Snow conditions being equal, I would take Pico over Mt Snow because of the crowd factor and the fact the snow stays fresher longer. As others have said there are more trails and lifts at Mt Snow. Pico doesn't have any terrifyingly steep, but does have a quirky collection of trails that will provide sufficient challenge for a weekend if 100% open and especially if there has been recent snow. Summit Glades, Birch Glades, Giant Killer, Sunset 77, stuff off of the Outpost chair and A Slope provide me with hours of fun.

Mt Snow has some fun trails, but tends to get skied off quickly on weekends. The North Face does have some decently challenging but short trails. Jaws and Rip Cord have short but very steep sections for practicing jump turns. Skiing these in icy conditions will raise the pucker factor.

I would choose Mt Snow over Attitash. I think Attitash only provides a day of fun skiing and typically doesn't get much natural snow. Attitash is close to Wildcat to split a weekend between two fun areas. A Attitash and Sunday River split isn't out of the question either if you don't mind a little car ride through the White Mtns.
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Mendon Mountainview is amazing. I love about 30 minutes east of there and I have stayed there many times of season just to get away. They charge like 40 a night offseason which is a unbelievable price for such a nice place. The irony is across the street the Cortina is charging 400 a night

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Originally Posted by Alfonse
Mendon Mountainview is amazing. I love about 30 minutes east of there and I have stayed there many times of season just to get away. They charge like 40 a night offseason which is a unbelievable price for such a nice place. The irony is across the street the Cortina is charging 400 a night

Alfonse, I am glad you too have stayed there (sounds like a lot more than me!). I couldn't get over how nice the owners were, how attentive the service was, and what a bargain the meal plan is ($20pp for breakfast --full buffet! -- and dinner!!!). And there's a bar, hot tub, game room, etc. What a deal! Our room had a sofa and a wood stove in it!
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I think you would enjoy Pico more then Mt Snow.
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Any thoughts about Haystack at Mt. Snow?
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Haystack has nothing in the way of expert terrain. I skied it a few times and was sorely dissapointed. In fact hogback was much better than Haystack. If you like uncrowded blues I recomend haystack otherwise avoid it.

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Pico--quiet relaxing lodge and bumps, bumps bumps, fast lift to summit. Lots of challenges, beautiful views, great parking.
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PICO all the way
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As if you haven't had enough response yet, here's two cents. I started skiing Pico at age 4 and lived there every free minute when I was school age. Still ski there from time to time. I used to ski Mt. Snow once or twice a year when the circuit went there. Always GS on the North Face. I happened to go there this past weekend for the pacesetter time trials... again on the North Face. I refreshed my memory of the place as I hadn't been there in many years (not giving away my age). Mount Snow's North face doesn't compare to Pico. Average pitch is less, steepest pitch is less, and length of pitches is less than Pico. Giant Killer, top of A (if open anymore), the Pike (under top chair), KA... no contest. The problem with Pico is the long flat on the way to the bottom. They cut the first lift line wrong when they did it and screwed it up.

Besides that, on Monday I skied a great roller down the front side of Mt. Snow - great cruiser but I can't imagine skiing with speed on that on a weekend. B slope at Pico is great roller too as is the slope on the right of what we used to call Knomes Knoll.

A week ago I would have taken Mt. Snow because I hadn't skied there in years, but today I'd take Pico.
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Thanks everyone, I think it's gonna be Pico ... sorry Phil.
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Do you have an ASC all east pass? ...because if you do you can always hit killington if one day at Pico is enough.

The great thing about Pico is you'll be skiing in powder if there's been a good storm within the past 4 or 5 days. I went there once on a sunday after a storm on thursday and there were places where I was making fresh tracks!
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Have you ever stayed at the Trailside Lodge? I checked out the link for Mendon Mountain and it sounds nice. Trailside Lodge is a bit on the "rustic" side, but when I get back from skiing and apres I only want a comfy bed to crash in. Could care less about TV. Looking forward to some nice conditions by new years!
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Haven't stayed there. I liked Mendon because it's pet friendly, and even in high season, a very large room (think studio apartment) with a sofa, giant bed and fireplace is less than $200/night. The owners even walked my dog. Having a pet is very, very limiting. Most places squeeze you into a very small room, and I spend the rest of the day skiing worrying about the dog's comfort. But not at Mendon. It's a really great Peace of Mind place. And the owners, a Czech family, were very nice. Just the kind of business owners one takes pleasure in supporting.
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