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MRG open thursday

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They get 10 inches of nice fresh snow on top of the heavy wet stuff they had gotten before. They are opening at almost full operation! So if anyone is interested in taking a run with me and my buddy let me know We will be waiting for first lift on friday in the AM. Woohoo, Paradise here I come

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I live up on the Warren Rd and I couldn't believe the snow I had this morning! This is going to be a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed!
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I share your enthusiasm for MRG. I've been holding my breath for the past two weeks because I am going to introduce about 18 people (friends, sisters, cousins and all the kids) to the mountain between Christmas and New Years and was beginning to think I was nuts because of the conditions. I'm starting to breathe a bit better now...

Of course everyone except the kids are scared stiff but my wife who discovered the Birdland area last year was very good at persuasion (I can't understand why no one would ever trust me)!

Anyway, have a great day and let us know what it's like to ski Fall Line when it's flat. Must feel like you've died and woke up in Paradise!
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