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Colorado resort tours

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Hey, new to the site .... i want advice from you guys
Thinking of coming over for a bit of a ski! While im there i wanna see a few resorts, so ... what tour companies have you guys heard are good??
I want something for 2 weeks, 2-4 resorts would be best. Any other states anyone can recommend? Cheers
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Not trying to be funny, but I'm struggling to understand your concept of a tour? I don't think many guided/escorted 1 or 2 week tours for skiers are offered in the US. Here in the US, where the almighty automobile reigns, one would typically fly into Denver or Salt Lake City or Lake Tahoe region, for example, and rent a car at the local airport. Each of these regions has a dozen fine ski areas within 2-4 hours drive from airport. With a rental car you can easily drive yourself and visit 3 or 4 ski areas for a few days each over a period of 2 weeks. You could pick accommodations in the vicinity of the ski area of choice and stay there for a few days, then drive to the next ski area and do it again.
If you wanted to avoid the "drive yourself" vacation, perhaps go to a place like Aspen, Summit County Colorado or Park City Utah. Each of these areas has 3 or 4 sizeable ski areas within approximately 10 miles, all accessible by good local bus service from a wide variety of lodging options. Each of these locations has enough ski terrain variety to keep you happy for 2 straight weeks.
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I think he's looking for a good tour operator to put a package together. Someone like Moguls perhaps or Vail central res. They can put together rooms, transfers, lifts etc into one package.
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www.skitops.com has a list of tour operators in the United States. Might try that. I don't know if, being U.S. operators, they could get you airfare from a foreign country - but, if not, you could buy air separately, as they would surely put together the rest of the package.

Maybe you could do one week someplace like Aspen, then fly to someplace else, like Park City. Summit County would also be a nice region to try, or the Canadian Rockies/Banff. Oooh, or even Jackson Hole with a side trip to Grand Targhee; only the two resorts, really, but a nice Western town.
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As stated before, there isn't much of that kind of packaging going on here. The resorts tend to be so terribly competitive that there isn't an effort to market the best of each one. ....That doesn't hold true for western Canada though.

Here is a link to a Kiwi site putting together some ski safari's in the best that North America has to offer. ...It's the best package I have ever seen for terrain, light snow, and proximity.


I would suggest that you look at ending your trip before the 20th of March, as a couple of these resorts have low base elevations that are easily effected by early warming trend.

....Colorado has some very good resorts also, but since you have that long trip, AMS becomes a factor for the first couple of days, and the snow and terrain in Canada is of the same caliber at a liveable elevation.

Good Luck!
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