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Skier Overview
Skill: Intermdeiate/Advanced - Ski most anything, but do not do it elegantly
Days per/year: 10
Agressiveness: with college old buddies yes, with kids no (but the kids are getting better)
Type skiiing: All mountain, I venture into the bumps occasionally for a challenge or to be humbled
Height 5'10"
Weight: 185

Would the below be a good replcement for my straight 190 cm Kastle RX's (yes they are that old)

I am thinking about demoing them from local dealer for an upcoming ski trip. Ski test seemed to like them.

Note any comment regarding length I am waivering between trying 167 and 174?

Help would be appreciated.

ski test ’05


Rossignol’s 300 TDI, tested by men, is a softy
but a goody. It’s supple and superbly mal-

leable — fits right in with any turn shape under
any conditions. Keep the speed moderate, our
guys said — the ski gets nervous when you
push the limit.