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Looking for a strange ski.. Elan shape w/ 40mm waste.

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A few years back, Elan made a ski, I think the name was "Stealth", that had a 105/40/90 shape, yes the waste was 40mm (or there abouts). I came with a lifter that was triangular to about 60mm to accomidate a binding. I am looking for a pait of these to play around with. If anyone sees them at a swap or sitting in the back of some shop, lemme know.
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Those definitely a strange looking ski. GI Joe's in Medford, OR had a pair around for a couple years they couldn't get rid of. Last time I saw them they were going for $100 or so. That was two years ago so they're probably gone by now.
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The Elan X-Tech Stealth. They are among my favorite skis! Definately the most unusual. The tip and tail are as narrow as the waist of the narrowest "traditional" skis ever were - and the center is as narrow as a X-C skating ski. The integrated lifter is gigantic and starts out narrow at the skitop and blossoms out at the top to make enough room for the binding to be mounted. They are also center mounted - the center of your foot lines up to the cord length center of the ski. Mine are a 183'

They are the most amazing ski on firm snow and ice I've ever skied - like ice skates, total unstoppable monsters. And in GS courses on firm snow they are very fast. The one place you *don't* want to ski them is in the crud, slush or powder -- I've tried, and its hell!

One piece of the technology that I do think is very far ahead of its time is the center mounting. If we are making round turns . . . why would we *want* to be mounted more towards the tail of a ski? And when you experience this ski you feel for the first time how beneficial it is to be truly in the center of your tools!

If you find a cache of them, let me know - the skis were far too radical for Elan to be able to sell enough. When mine wear out I would like another pair on tap! You might want to call Elan directly.

When the more open minded folks in the ski industry were starting to experiment with shapes . . . and running into nearly religious backlash from our instructors and other employees in the ski industry - these skis were great fun. The people who were making fun of fat skis, shaped skis and such . . . well I'd get on a lift with them and point down at my X-Tech's alongside their 'traditional' skis - and say "hey, what are you doing on those FAT Skis? Man those are *cheater* skis? You need fat skis to get down the hill?" And etc, I was merciless (but what comes around goes around!)


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I remember those skis from like 98-99. The Elan rep was telling us about them where I was working. There was a couple of guys that got out on a pair and said they rocked on hard pack. From what I remember, they were to be used as there new race design, but the FIS put an end to that. Something about being an unfair advantage or something like that(go figure).
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I talked to the Elan rep, last year there moved teh warehouse and all of teh old stuff is gone . There was a pair that went on ebay last week..new 173cms....Ahhhgggg. I am kicking myself, I just thought of this ski today to get some. I e-mailed the buyer, asking if they know what they bought, because the auction was listed as a Elan Shape beginner ski. This is NOT that. I told tehm, if it is not what they expect, I would buy them from them. Oh well we will see.
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I saw a pair a few yrs ago at a ski shop nr Killington: an amazing-looking design!

Unfortunately, I vaguely recall that last fall when driving on Route 4 that the ski shop was no longer there.

But I did find the shop & # in an old reference on the web: Henderson's Ski Systems, 802-295-1973
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I just talked to the guy who won the skis. He was buying them for a friend and did indeed think that they were a beginner ski. I explained that these are far from a entry level ski and that they were a highly specialized carving ski. I told him if they guy doesn't want them, I would take them off of his hands. I think everyone would agree, this is not a ski for someone starting out.
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There were two models. They were fantastic to demonstrate the effiency of a lifter. Very little effort to tilt them into a turn. ---is there a spell cker on this site?-
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In addition to the benefits of the huge integrated lifter, and the centered mounting. The narrowness of the ski has huge advantages.

One big reason that an ice skate carves so well, on solid ice - is that the engaged edge is directly aligned underneath the center of the foot. It ends up that in skis as well, the closer the edges are brought in to the center of the foot - the more effectively pressure can be applied to that edge. You can really feel this on firm snow with them, they engage like ice skates.

Also, the narrower the ski is - the less "travel time" there is when moving the ski up onto a new edge. You can make incredibly rapid transitions between turns because of the reduced travel time.

I think we will see skis like them again someday, they will never be an all-round (all terrain, all snow) ski -- but designs like them for GS & SL racing could prove a huge leap forwards for racers. FIS rules will have to change, and minds will have to be flexible . . . and then perhaps such features can be integrated on a more widespread scale.
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I got a pair lined up..The guy that bought them is keeping them, but he found me another pair. $70.00 shipped. I will mount them up w/ some old bindings and wait for a boilerplate day and rip up the place.
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They are here! Sha-weet. I have to go thru my binding bin and find some to put on them. Really doesn't metter what I put on... there will be very little torque on them. The guy I got them from has more.. 70.00 shipped. e-mail me if you want more info.
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