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Ski instructors at Loon?

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I've been skiing off and on for several years but have never had a formal lesson. I figure it's about time to un-learn all the bad habits I've developed over the years. I'll probably be at Loon this Saturday. Are there any specific instructors that you'd recommend there for someone in my situation? (I can ski the harder blues and the easier single blacks without making too much of a fool of myself ;-)

Also, I'll probably put my 8.5 and 6 year old kids in a lesson at the same time. Would it make any sense for all three of us to take a semi-private lesson together, or would I be much better served putting them in one together (their levels are fairly close--moving from wedge to parallel turns) and then taking a separate lesson myself?
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I have answers


It's good to see you're ready to take lessons. It doesn't make sense to get good at bad habits.

I've been skiing at Loon for years. Up until this year I've been on staff with the ski school. I'm coaching on the race team now. I know a few people that will be able to help you and your children.

If there's a big split between you and the children I'd recommend getting lessons for you and them. You could ski with the same instructor at different times, or with different instructors at the same time.

Two names that pop out in my head are Randy Wales and Sky King. Either one of these guys will give good tips and tricks. There are tons of others, but some of them are booked, these two may be also.

Skiing the last month has been so, so. I'm sure it's getting better with the cold weather to pump out more snow. The mountain is open top to bottom. the new North Peak detachable quad was opened last weekend. Very nice, quite fast.

Good luck, drop by next week if you take a lesson and give some feed back.

Loon Mt, 603-745-8111 ask for the ski school desk for a reservation.

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Excellent, Jim, thanks! just the kind of info I was looking for, and just when I was giving up hope ;-)

conditions look a little better now, with 4 lifts/17 trails open. some blues, but no blacks yet.
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Thanks again for the recommendations. We didn't end up doing lessons last weekend, but we're planning to take some this coming week. In fact, with another family, we may share three sets of semiprivate lessons (two people in each group, matched for skill level). If you have any other names to recommend in addition to the ones you mentioned earlier, that would be great. PM or email is fine if you don't want to post here.
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update: Randy and Sky were both booked, but we had some great lessons with Roz and Richard. Very helpful. I got some good tips on keeping my weight forward, pole plants, etc. that I'll keep working on. time to unlearn all those bad habits...
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glad to hear it


I was at Loon from Christmas until January 2. I don't have access to internet up there. I could get to it if I really wanted but, who needs to be connected all the time?

Glad to hear it well with Roz and Richard.

Happy skiing,

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