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Lowest DIN setting

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My DIN setting on my old skis is 4.

I am going to buy some new ones and need some advice on bindings.

Would a binding with a DIN range 4 - 12 work for me or would it be better to get a 3 - 10? (not taking into consideration price)

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3-10. You never really want to be at either extreme of the DIN range.
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I was looking at some used skis for a good price but they have 4 - 12 din bindings. Should I still consider them?
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I wouldn't worry about it. I ski on P-12 Jibs which go from 3.5-12. My DIN setting is a 4. I've never had a prerelease or a bad retention. Plus, I love the graphics
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If you are a "4", I will assume you are a type I skier, unless you have a huge boot. With that said, chances are you will be improving over time and might go up to a type II, that will move you up 1/2-1 DIN.

There is something I should post about this, but a flame war would start.
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find a good techie your area and consult with them on the DIN setting.

if you are in your old boot, you may want to bring your old boot into a shop and make sure it's all kosher.

you'll be fine at the bottom of a DIN range.
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