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Dumping My M11s?

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So now that I have had a chance to ski the M11s in more conditions I am not sure that I really love the ski. The small radius seems to be an issue at speed and the 76 waist is not as quick as a 70 or lower.

They were a warranty replacement when my R11s got bent so I didn't demo them or have a choise.

I wonder if I should look to dump the skis and pickup another pair of R11s or SX 9 or 11s.

I just had them tuned too
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I would keep them, there is no replacement for a short turner ski. No SX:11 or SX:9 will matcht he fun a versatility that ski posesses. BUT, if you want to 'dump' them, i know of a very needy University at Buffalo student who could put them to good use... When youre making the longer radius turn you just have to pressure the ski a little differently - more gradual - versus the all-at-once slalom technique. The 76mm waist should transition fine, due to the shape. The 76 wont be as quick when the skis are skied flat, but once they are on edge you will notice very little difference. In a carve the M:11 is going to be much quicker edge to edge, in terms of how fast you can move from edge to edge. The actual roll from edge to edge might be slightly longer, but it shoudlnt make a significant difference. Just because they chattered for one day you shouldnt want to drop them - they are a superior ski to the others you mentioned in every condition and turn shape other than a GS turn. Stick with them for a little longer.
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Yeah I'm just being dumb.

I'm sure once I get a feel for them they will be fine.
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The M11 is a pretty stiff ski. I'd say even more so than the R11. I've been playing on the B5 every ski day so far and even with my size, it has been great.

You might just need to figure it out a bit more. I've had no trouble getting them to change edge quickly.
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You Atomic boys would know better then me so I am sure I will learn to love it.

I think once I slow down my turns and start to square my shoulders I will do better on them.

I know they are a great ski, they just need a great driver.
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Skied my r11's last couple weekends, skied my m11's last 3days @ Big White. Still like my r11's, but love my m11's a lot more. I think what you are finding is the big sidecut takes getting used to. Initially I would say that the r11's are way more stable, but the m11's are just as stable if you keep them on edge. If you let them rum straight & flat like the r11's they will feel squirrely and unstable. The m11's are way more versatile in every way (better carver, bumps, float in pow), yet retain the trademark atomic edgegrip and race feel.

I'm still undecided about the sidecut though. I swapped skis with my wife for a few runs on the PE's. She like the PE's better, and so did I. The m11's felt like you had to be turning all the time. The PE's had better edgegrip, float, and was more fun all around. Those were our initial impressions, probably need to ski them under a greater variety of conditions to reach a conclusion.
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