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Men on Womens skis

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Have any men skied a women's ski?

I skied a Rossi Fun @ 160 cm for about 4 runs. (The original with flowers.)

It was excellent! Astonishingly so, even at 6'3" and 250. Edge to edge quickness was good, edge hold was good, although snow was a wet/soft hardpack -- what we called packing snow as kids. Very easy to vary turn shape. Great skidder, and a really good carver! I would imagine it would be just awesome in the moguls and trees. Not much energy. Extremely forgiving, large sweetspot. IMO, this is a very very underrated ski.

It was even capable of doing short radius turns with cross-over! A wonderful and exhilarating ride. It was the most fun I've had on skis for a long long time!

Looking at the Rossis, they appear to have partial vertical sidewalls, under the foot, and equally infront/behind the bindings, where the cap takes over. The flex is progressive, and even. These skis do not have a raised heel, but do have a forwards mount position.

If you have not tried womens skis, you will be surprised at the results -- especially if you like the more forward mounting position.

For the record, also tried the Omecarve 10's @ 165 in the same conditions. They are rockets! Whoo-hoo! MUCHO energy. Wicked fast short turns. Long turns are fine too, but when they crank out such fanatastic arcs straight down the fall line, turn after turn after turn, why would you want to do anything else?

Buzzing after this experience. Love those short rad turns. Simply amazing. Hard to miss the sweetspot. Edge to edge quickness was quicker, edge hold was better, tail gave a much stronger kick. Turn shape was easy to vary, but much preferred tight turns.

The Omecarve needs more accomplished pilot with a "go there fast" attitude to really be useful. The Rossi Fun does not require the same skill level at all... IMO, The 10 is such a quick carver owing to the huge shape. Not a great skidder. Can't imagine that it would be all that great in the bumps, unless you can carve through them. Which again points to more skillful skiing.

Which wins? That's up to you. I was all grins using both.
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You're just daring us to come out of the closet, aren't you?

Here's my story. Last year, my wife and I demo'ed Pocket Rockets on a powder day at Snowmass. The next day, we went to Highlands with our skis. We hit a double black and decided things were still pretty fresh, so we headed to the base to see if we could rent something fatter. The only thing they had were K2 Phat Luvs. My wife really wanted to try them to compare to the Pocket Rockets and I said, what the heck, I might as well see if we have the same assessment. A few people commented on my flowered skis, but mostly the snow was sticking to the topsheets so it wasn't too embarassing. In the afternoon, we climbed to Highland Bowl. It took us lowlanders a lot longer than expected without any oxygen, so the resort was closing as we dropped in.

The Phat Luv has the same dimensions as the Pocket Rocket but seems a bit more stiff. It handled the chop and I was linking some fine turns, but they did not feel as lively as the PR. I suspect a more forward mounting position was costing me some float in the slightly heavy boot deep snow. Coming out of the bowl, we hit empty blue runs to the bottom (the lifts had been closed awhile by this time). I never had open runs like that before, so I took advantage. I have never seen my jacket suck to my body and flap like that, so I know I was moving pretty fast. The Luvs were comfortable at such high speed and they had excellent edge hold for something so wide on a groomed trail (better than PR). It was a truly memorable ride. My wife and I both agreed that the Pocket Rockets had been more lively and we both bought them. I am not sure what I would have done had I fallen in love with the K2's. This was an interesting comparison since the women's specific ski would require a stronger skier in my opinion.
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Try women's skis with flowers on them?

I have to admit, it would be easier if I were 6'3", 250. At least people would be hesitant about laughing in a really overt way.
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I guess you have no problem with your manhood. I'm not sure I could ski a women's only ski even for a demo, no really, they say the high end women skis are very good. Now we have a real man's, opinion. A buddy's wife just got the Burnin Luv's and she really likes them. She deomed them last March and again last weekend. She skis well and does a good job of keeping a fellow bear, Hairbones and I from doing to many stupid stunts.
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My rock skis are my wifes old PowerKarve L's. I ski them on rock days and I did ski them at A-Basin last year and had a blast.
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I'd be concerned if you wore in-the-boot pants, white rear-entry boots, and a fur collared jacket. Just don't take a trip to Colorado, Alberta, or Utah. I hear they frown on that lifestyle.
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Does wearing women's skis make you a cross dresser?
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I think that most finesse-oriented lighter male skiers would be happy on some of the "XX Chromosome" skis. I'm 5'10" 160 lbs and gave some thought to the Phat Luv last year before getting the Fischer Big Stix 8.6... I was just gonna spray paint over those happy-arse tropical flowers.
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Does wearing women's skis make you a cross dresser?
No, but perhaps a Drag Queen Racer!
Gonzo, if you get those Luv's we are sending you to Paula's!
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that's a deal, LM!
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Reminds me of Eddie Izzard talking about skiing, it is hysterical.
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He doen't know it, but my 13 year old son has been on them for two years.
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
Try women's skis with flowers on them?

I have to admit, it would be easier if I were 6'3", 250. At least people would be hesitant about laughing in a really overt way.
You should hear the women!
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Should not be a problem, just dont let anyone see you.
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I think that Volant was very smart in their marketing a couple of years ago with their Vertex line. They marketed them as a ski for women OR lightweight men, and left the flowers off of them. My teenage son is on the 71's and really likes them.
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Originally Posted by dp
They marketed them as a ski for women,,,,,,,,,

My teenage son really likes them.
The important thing now is to let him know that you still love him, and will always be there for him.
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Since women specific skis are a relatively recent development, what does that imply about women who used to ski on the same skis that were made with men in mind, the lion's share of the market. What does that imply about the men who ski on those models popular also with the gals like a lot of Dynastars and the Atomic 9.18? Could they be Bi-skiual?

I think this is getting a little too Fruedian. If the ski works for you use it and let others worry about their hang ups. Somehow guys mangaged the psychological transition from long skis to short ones. I'm sure we will get through this.
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