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20-42" New Snow - Life Is Good

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Lake Tahoe received 20-42" of new snow just prior to this past weekend. The snow report below was from Friday 12/10.

I skiied Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley this past weekend and the new snow helped. In fact, KT-22 at Squaw finally opened up for the season this past weekend. Fortunately, the lift lines for me at KT-22 were very short even though Squaw had its Community Benefit Ski & Skate Day on Sunday where Squaw sold tickets for $35 instead of the normal $62 rate.

What was the skiing like for you this past weekend (or most recent trip this winter)?


Snow Report

Resort* Surface New Base Note
Alpine Meadows Ski Area PP 50 - 78
Yosemite's Badger Pass Plan to Open 12/17
Boreal Mountain Resort PDR 46 - 58 42" past 3 days
Soda Springs PP 50 - 80 19-24" past 72 hrs
Donner Ski Ranch Reopen 12/10
Homewood Mountain Resort PP 32 - 70
June Mountain Plan to Open 12/11
Kirkwood PP 80 - 110 31" past 72 hrs
Mammoth Mountain PDR 52 - 72
Bear Valley Mountain Resort Open Sat/Sun; Dec 08: 14" new
Northstar-at-Tahoe PP 26 - 72 31" past 3 days
Sierra-at-Tahoe PP 39 - 76 37" past 3 days
Mt. Shasta Ski Park PDR 18 - 48 40" past 5 days
Squaw Valley USA PP 28 - 84 42" past 3 days
Sugar Bowl Resort PP 72 - 96
Tahoe Donner Downhill Plan to Open 12/10
Mt. Baldy PP 12 - 24
Heavenly Ski Resort PDR 22 - 40 35" past 72 hrs
Snow Summit HP 18 - 36
Snow Valley Ski Resort PP 12 - 36
Mountain High Resort HP 18 - 30
Bear Mountain Resort HP 18 - 36
Dodge Ridge Reopen 12/10
Sierra Summit Mountain Resort Reopen 12/10; Season Total: 60"; Dec 07: 18-26" new
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Alta was good.
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I was at Alpine Meadows on Saturday

The conditions were variable, as was the coverage. It seemed like spring conditions, including some harder areas, some softer/mushier snow in the sun, and some runs closed due to obstructions. However, skiing is all good.
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Copper was very nice on Saturday. They opened the Sierra lift at noon, and we played in the crud in the trees after lunch. Even in the bumps, it wasn't unusual for a hard pole plan to drop 12-18" into the snow! Better keep them "touches"!

This week looks pretty dry, but there are rumors of snow for next week and Christmas...
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In the PNW we had a great series of days with big dumps, the ski areas were set to open, life was good. Then came the pineapple express with 9,000 ft. snow levels and 2-3 inches of rain. Wiped most areas out. Now we are looking ahead to more warm temps and no significant snow in the forecast. This sucks. Have fun for me.
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Count your blessings........

I haven't gotten a day of skiing in yet this year.....at least you got to go!
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I was not in tahoe this weekend. But I noticed that the temps in Truckee were 57 deg. Yes, that's not a typo. Today the high was 49 deg.

that sounds like spring to me.
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Yeah, too bad the rain on Wednesday made that fresh snow off-piste crusty and/or extra heavy/sticky.
I was at Kirkwood last weekend and brought the mid-fat anticipating some nice soft-snow skiing off the trails. After looking at the snow, I instead decided to try out my new short Atomic SL:9. The groomed runs and bumps were really nice though.
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Yes, temperatures were in the 50s. However, I prefer the 20s for better snow conditions.
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Dam this sucks....i live in the midwest

"O where are THou Peak" :
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Hey sandman depends on where in the midwest.

Lutsen is doing a lot better than you would think, and the UP will get lots of lake effect this week according to the forcast.

Keep the faith.......
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD
Alta was good.
Ditto to that and add Snowbird! PCMR stunk!
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Skiied Alta, Solitude and Brighton last week. Stormy early in the week to sunny and warm later. It was a blast
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