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Freeride vs. Express and Explore

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Some things I have read online say that the Fritschi Express and Explore bindings function just about the same as the Freeride. As they are also lighter and (I think) less expensive, this would make them seem to be the better choice. Does anyone have any opinions/experience on the differences between these bindings? What I am primarily looking for is a binding that I can use skiing resorts as well as doing AT stuff because resort skiing is where I spend most of my time.
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Need a little more info stryder. How aggresive are you inbounds? You drop cliffs or keep to the ground? How much do you weigh?
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If you're heavy, buy the Freeride (which go to DIN 12). The Express and Explore aren't quite as 'bombproof' if you're planning to do a lot of in-resort skiing. If you're doing a lot of touring and weight is important, then the weight of the Freeride is unnecessary.
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I would not say I am aggressive in that sense, no. And I am fairly light, weight is 140 lbs.
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Originally Posted by stryder
I would not say I am aggressive in that sense, no. And I am fairly light, weight is 140 lbs.
At that weight you might be able to get away with the lighter bindings. But dont hold me to it. If you check at coulouirmag.com and telemarktips.com there's useful discussion on what kind of wear and tear you should be aware about when using Fritschis extensively inbounds
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Express/Explore are a little less expensive but consider also the cost of adding the brakes. By the time you add the 45 bucks for the brakes (55 for wide) you might actually be paying more. You want the brakes for resort skiing, and you can rely on the brakes to do the right thing a little more than you can on some of the other AT bindings. Besides which the straps they give you are seriously ugly. If you decide on the Express, having the shop deal with the brake at the time you first mount them is also a good idea.

One problem is that Freeride comes with the "standard" brakes that even with a little bending won't fit on a true fat ski (90+). You might be able to work that out with the shop, but if you buy online you might get stuck with a brake that's the wrong size for your ski and now getting rid of the old one and getting a new one is purely your problem.

The price point on the Express puzzles me frankly, 55 bucks up from the Diamir 3, for 40 grams less? Probably has more to do with how badly our currency blows vs the Euro in the last year rather than any functional advantage, and that same adjustment hasn't taken place on the Freeride price (yet).
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Ditto the previous comments re the difficulty of comparing weights & costs (i.e., given that DFR comes with the brakes, which are an after-market option on the Express/Explore).
But as far as durability or that elusively defined "beefiness" or "bomber"ness (dude!), the only difference is that the DFR toe jaw has slightly different contours, as it doesn't have the slot for the leash. The rest of the binding though is exactly the same, except for slightly more lift and the release setting up to 12.
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If your focus is on the inboud resort skiing most of the time definitely get the Freerides - the benefits of the slightly beefier construction and higher DIN setting outweights the slightly additional weight on your rare touring.
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