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twin-tip park skis>>>need help!

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ok, im a long time skiier and i was looking for some twin-tip park skis that i could take on the jumps. id like some twins since i hear the center of balance is better and so that i could do 180s on the jumps should i obtain the skill. ive looked around and it seems that the k2 and atomic skis are pretty good. the public enemies...stomp...etc... i was curious if people here had reccomendations and suggestions since im not too familliar with them and its hard to find info online. thanks
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Try TGR, I bet you get a better response over there.
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If you want a ski just for park and nothing else, look at a softer ski like the K2 Fugative. If you're skiing all over the mountian, you want something more solid like the Public Enemies. The Atomic Twins (forget the name) are suppossed to be pretty awesome. I ski the Troublemakers and they rock my socks. You DO NOT want to center mount unless you're hardcore park only.

All Mtn look at:
Rossignol Scratch FS or Scratch BC for something wider
Dynastar Troublemaker
K2 Public Enemy

Park Specific
K2 Fugative
Anything softer.

Also, some manufacturers to look at which are twin tip specific.
Also, check out www.newschoolers.com they'll have the most info on skis, but use the search feature, because they'll just cuss you if you start a new thread.
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As for K2, the PE is a great ski, all around, and offers good performance in the park/pipe as well, the Fujative is more park specific and has a different flex pattern for butters.

For Atomic, I've heard lots of good feedback about the Tweaks and Stomps, but I've never skied them.

Dynastar Troublemakers (or the 3 Phil's pro models - different graffics) I thought were more park/pipe specific, but a lot of people have used them all-mountain and praised them.

Volkl also makes good twins, and the V-Pro was a top rated all mountain twin tip last year, and I believe they replaced it with the Karma.

Some others you might want to consider, 4FRNT STL (heard a lot of good feedback about this ski), Armada AR5 (not a big fan of it myself, by it was fun the park), Line Chronics (the whole Line line has been getting rave reviews this year), and Elan has an interesting release of the M2 (I believe) which is twin'ed with a "third edge" (basically a peice of edge material in the center of the ski to lessen damage from rails).

Now in terms of the skis center of balance (I'm assuming your talking about swing weight and center mounting), basically the thing to keep in mind is that many twins are now marked for varied mount positions and if you are not going to do much switch skiing, I wouldn't recomend going more than +3 on the mount (3 centimeters forward of standard).

Newschoolers and Freeskiing.com can both be good places to get info on the skis, but you have to be wary of the info you find there as a lot of people just post crap.
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thanx, man its hard to figure out whats good..i guess i have to try and get my hand on some to demo and then see what works for me and what i really like. so many ppl are suggesting more..
the fujative seems more park specific compared to the PE...plus the PE graphics...just totally turn me off....i think between those too its a demo issue. the fujative is softer, but i only weigh about 120 so...it might make the fuj a bit more average for me...PE might be to stiff...i dunno.

as for line..i heard that their ski is great...but isnt designed specifically for the park and such as these others are...and that they arent true twins...(back tail is a lil shorter)..not much but what ive found so far...still accpeting suggestions thanks for the help everyone
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hmm still confused. been runnin across those that say that the PE is not as great in the park..aka too stiff..? and since im light (120) does that mean i need a softer ski like the fuj? been lookin at the line skis....chronic seems like a park ski and is rated to go outside a bit as well....
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I may get shelled for pushing it, but since you are a lighter skier, you might want to try the 1080 as well, especially if bumps and trees are important to you. I'm a bigger guy (190+) so I went with the 1080 lab get some stability. Definitely demo the salomon 1080.
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if you is only in the park then i hear the fuj is a park ski. the 1080 is an all mountain park ski, and the PE is an park all mountain ski

if that makes any sense.,.....
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i just talked to a guy whos skied them all and says its mostly what graphics you like really. their all great skis and the fuj are softest of the PE and the chronic. chronic is in the middle. PE is hardest of 3. think im going with the chronics
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have fun!
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I'm jealous. Chroniccccccc. But Yes, do have fun w/ those.
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If you really want a park ski, look at stuff like the Armada T-Hall and Rossi Scratch. Those skis should never leave the park, lest you remind yourself of what skiing was like in 1985.

The skis you are looking at actually work halfway decently outside the park.
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T-Halls scare me with the edge detuning underfoot (for rails), now are you looking for a park only ski? Or a ski that'll hold it own outside the park as well as in the park?
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Originally Posted by Manus
T-Halls scare me with the edge detuning underfoot (for rails), now are you looking for a park only ski? Or a ski that'll hold it own outside the park as well as in the park?
Yup, that is really the key question.

I don't see how you can beat the 1080 for a ski that works outside the park, unless we start talking about 90mm plus stuff.
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im getting these mainly for park as i have skis for allmountain already (atomic beta 9.22) but it would be nice to have a lil outta park ability should i not be able to switch so rapidly and all..
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Since I ride the park and have tried a few of the skis in question, I gotta chime in...

But first, a couple of questions:
  • Okay, so you're 120 lbs. What is your height and go do expect to grow anymore. (I figure your either a teenager or a rail)
  • How do you ride the park? Switch take-offs and landings? Big spins? Any half-pipe?
  • Where will you be skiing? And how many days a year? (Related to durability)
  • What length 9.22 do you ski? What would you change about that ski, if anything?

Going with the best "park-specific" ski may not be the best choice. Give us a bit more to go on and maybe we can get you a more informed decision working...
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> im about 5'7" and will hopefully grow more..but prbly not more than a few inches or so..
>im new to park so currently just planning on gettin good at jumping stability and familliarity before i go to 180s and switch stuff...along with pipe and such..
> im a ski instructor so this year ill definately be skiing much more, but on average its only a couple weeks a year. local mountains and trip to mammoth each year. local conditions are packed snow mostly since its not a huge snowing area..some powder if u find the places and such..
>my 9.22 is 160 currently..and its a pretty awesome ski...responds more in faster turns it seems..but performs well for me.. dont ski too much else to note a huge difference...prbly heavy for jumps..(seems so but since i cant compare im not sure...due to the fact that the 9.22 has like tintanium cores inside....its prbly quite heavy by my assumption )

so yup thats it...pretty sure im gonna pick up these line chronic skis (prbly the 157 i believe they are...since its closest to my ski...mby longer..dunno)..at least thats what im thinkin now..talked to a guy who skis them and all...seem good for park and a bit of out-of-park...
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Hmm...sounds like you might be skiing in SoCal (Bear, Summit, Mt. High?)...

The Chonic will be a good choice. However, I like others a bit more for SoCal-type skiing. I'd put PE's and Troublemakers on my list. I've been skiing 1080's (181's) as my SoCal park/everyday ski for the past two seasons. They do well on everything but the hradest slickest conditions. I switched to the PE this year, as that wood core and vertical sidewall combo make hardpack skiing so nice. As a ski instructor, you should have access to pro-deals, so that might enter into the equation, as well.

Whatever you get, I bet the 9.22's start collecting dust...Enjoy.

(ps - no Ti in the 9.22...just carbon power channels and lots of foam...and you're right, they are great short turners, especially in the 160)
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yea thats where i ski, i was thinkin the PE but honestly..the graphic..is like...beyond me. i really dislike it..especially the little rapper man at the bottom. heh. thats why i didnt get that. im hoping to get the line ski on pro but its a bit harder...the k2 we have reps and stuff..but i really love the line chronic graphic..and its supposed to have a bit softer flex than the PE.
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Remember, the Chronic is a pure park ski. Line states it has good all-mtn. capabilities, but IMO, that is relative to their other offerings and not to skis in general. It has less sidecut than just about any of the other park/freestyle skis you mentioned, which will make it feel very different from your 9.22's. It also has a very centered mounting point, which will make the 157 ski really short...great for park skiing and fakie landings, but lousy for skiing on San Bernardino Man-Made.

I admit that the PE has lousy graphics, but what about the troublemaker? If graphics are your hang-up, surely the TB passes that test, but gives you the total package like the PE. I sucked it up and went with the PE because of how it skis and the reputation it has built as a crowd pleaser. Since I do a lot of local skiing with my 5-year-old (and sometimes at night) I needed a ski that would work all the time...for me that's the PE.
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^ there have been alot of mentions of the K2 PE in the telemark version as another choice for those who want the PE but not the graphics.

if some on knows the name i dont want to look it up.

i dont know anyone who has used it but it is supposed to be the same.
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hmm...still think graphic wise...the chronics are king... and i was curious...should i get a bit of a longer ski to compensate for the central placement? i did talk to a guy in mammoth who skis all of the mentioned skis and more, so at mammoth he is able to talk about all kinds of conditions. he said that it skis well all mountain, and mainly i just need it for the casual run down the slope when we dont hit jumps..and for teaching little kids...so it dosent need to be as high performance as my 9.22 on the whole mountain. by the way thanks immensly for your input, its a major help
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i got bored so i looked it up here is the PE tele version

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are you sure thats the equal of the PE? plus this ski should be a little more than 50% park since im mainly getting it for park..the guy i spoke to in mammoth assured me that skis everything in the chronic and it works fine...i think ill try and demo if i can
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it is supposed to be but someone might want to re assure me on this. i was just sayin that if you want a PE but not the graphics that this migh tbe the way to try and go.

i got PE's and i was askin about em a few people said to look into these.
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Tele buddy of mine has and really likes his Piste Pipes.

The graphic is a ton cooler than the PE, you got that right.
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true but the pure wickedness of the chronic graphics is beyond both of those. true though piste kicks the PE. i just think its geared differently, not logical that they would have two completely different skis and the only difference is like..the drilled holes or somethin...i duno
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what is chronics site
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