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Lake Champlain Car Ferry?

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Anybody ever take one of the car ferries across Lake Champlain? We're scheming a couple days coming up, thinking about Stowe, then across to Whiteface. Alot will depend on chasing snow. Time, cost worth it? Or better to drive around...
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Driving around the lake is probably faster tan the ferry. If all you are doing is chasing snow, Jay Peak, Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Burke, Killington, Gore and Hickory Hill are all closer to Stowe than Whiteface is. Chances are at least one of those will be as good as Whiteface, even if the Slides are open. If you are looking for restaurants, stay in Stowe.

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The ferry can be a frustrating experiance. I believe they have boats running every 20 minutes or so, but its a real bummer to pull in right as the boat is pulling out, and to spend 20 minutes waiting. Also, the lake can be rough, so if you are prone to getting sea sick, something else to consider.

Basically, if you want no hassles and to save a few bucks, drive around.
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Thanks guys --
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