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Blizzard Titans

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Anybody know anything more about these than what is on Peter Keelty's page:

Stiff / soft / impressions / comparisons to G4, XXX, Super Mtn, etc?


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I saw that no one had responded so I decided to give you the little bit of information that I know. The two best skiers that I know are dieng to get their hands on the new Blizzard slalom skis. One actually had a pair at the end of last season and only got a chance to use them once or twice on hard snow before spring conditions began. One is the ssd at the place I work and the other spent a decade racing at various levels. They both say it will be the best ski on the market this winter. One of these guys was on Atomic 9.16's and the other a Fischer slalom. That's all the help I can give.
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Thanks for remembering my question. I thought I was going to go down in history as starting the shortest thread in the history of this forum. That's an interesting tidbit you mentioned. I posted the same question over at the PowderMag forum. Obviously, not much is known about them, but I finally did get one interesting reply from Q-bert:

"...Not too sure about the Titan, but here's what I can tell you - last year's Blizzard fat kicked ass (the Woody: http://www.powdermag.com/buyers_guid...&type=blizzard ). I don't know why they scrapped it... well, OK, come to think of it, I DO know. The only person I ever saw skiing on them was Woody.
Anyway, the Titan looks like a slimmed down version of the Woody. The tip dimension is the same, but the waist and tail are a little skinnier. The Woody was a really solid wood-core, laminate construction ski (actually felt A LITTLE BIT like an Iggy fat). If they haven't changed the construction type and materials on the Titan, it should make for a good everyday, on/off-piste ski, but it won't be as powder dominant as the Woody was.

Good luck finding out anything more about 'em. The upcoming buyer's guides might be a little help, but it's tough to find info on Blizzard. I'm hoping to get on a pair for a day sometime this winter if I ever see any.

-Q ..."


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The titans look like an ok ski, but it sounds like they had a better ski (by the numbers anyway) with the woody. I'm gonna be looking for some of those on sale.

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ridgeHiker -

I presume you mean that it was better for really soft conditions because the waist is wider?

I've already got a Volkl Explosiv with a 93 or 94 mm waist, and am totally in love with that ski, so I'm fine for real powder.

However, whenever I bring the combination of my Explosive and my 70 mm midfat (mod X) to the hill, the Explosiv is too fat for most conditions that I encounter, and the midfat is a distant second to my p40 on hardpack, so I wind up feeling like both skis should be narrower. OTOH, if I bring my Explosiv and my p40, there is too wide a gap in the middle.

Bringing all three pair to the hill borders on the absurd for me - bringing two is already bad enough.

What I'm really looking for something to use on those much more frequent days when its regular old wet snow, or it has settled and is firmer than pow but still soft, and hence I don't need as much floatation as the Explosiv gives me, but would like a bit more top to bottom of the mountain versatlity - ie a bit more agility and performance on groomers when I don't want to (or can't)switch to a narrower ski.

Basically, I'm trying to get down to just two skis that will handle most conditions, top to bottom - something around 80-85 mm like the Titan when its "average soft" conditions, and my p40 when its hard.

Anybody have any thoughts or comments after me rambling on forever about this classic dilemma.

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PhysicsMan: you need a ski caddy: someone to follow you on the slopes with a giant golf bag with several pair of skies. You can then change when conditions change.
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To be honest with ya, ditch the whole quiver and just get a pair of Volkl G41's. They rail on groomer, slam through crud, float pretty well in powder, stomp landings, and suck in moguls.

The main thing i like better about the Woody is it comes in a reasonable length, 193. I find 190 and less to be a bit small, but something a little shorter than 198 would be nice in the tight stuff. But yeah, i like the wider waist too. The girls always tell me it isn't all about length, width is important too.

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crudmeister - "...you need a ski caddy..."

The problem is - Nobody ever volunteers! I guess I could haul a tobogan behind me with them in it, but...

ridgeHiker - "...ditch the whole quiver and just get a pair of Volkl G41's ..."

That's pretty much exactly what my idea was -get it down to just two skis - something like a g41 (or Titan) for soft snow days, something like my p40 for the hard snow days.

Tom / PM
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I skiied the G41 (mounted tele) last season, any snow too hard for them is too hard for me.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Interesting - To be honest I never even thought of demoing them on a hard snow day.

I'll have to rectify that next season.

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I'm glad to hear that Blizzard is coming back onto the radar screen. They are an old company and have made great skis at times, and have always been more popular in Austria than anywhere else. Maybe some of the European bears might have some info. In the 1970's Hansi Hinterseer rode Blizzards to several World Cup victories (wow, I'm amazed I remembered that!)
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