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Sugarloaf Pics - 12/11-12/12

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I am too lazy too post the hyperlink so here is a quick and dirty flash slideshow.


None of these pics are of us skiing but more like pics of the trails and stuff.

I will post the weather specifics later.
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Awesome pics....thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to visit the "Loaf" but its just too far from North Jersey. Since my home mountain is Mountain Creek (and the conditions are grassy and muddy) I am extremely jealous!
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If you have never been there then I would make the hike.

There are things such as Shipyard Prelude beer that has 6.8 % alcohol, a Bag burger or Cheeseburger soup at the Bag & Kettle, and of course the skiing.

It just has a different feel then other New England mountains and it is large with only one base lodge so it's good if you have a family.
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I'm in southeastern PA and I made the drive last year and plan on doing it this year. The mountain is by far the best mountain I've skied so far in the east. It's worth the drive
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Thanks for the pix - look forward to the report, looks like they had a bunch open. btw, how long is the drive from Boston?
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Depending on your speed 4 to 4 1/2 hours.
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It typically takes is 3.5 - 4 hours from Boston. It depends on traffic in Boston and then the weather in Maine (we get off the highway in Augusta). On Friday night, because of the rain, then ice, then snow it took almost 6 hours! But we got home in just under 4. In my humble opinion, you can't go wrong with either of the Sugar's (loaf or bush), but I'm more biased towards the Loaf (I am from Maine though!).
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Thanks for the photo's I have enjoyed the Loaf on more then one occasion.
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Next time you go to the Loaf let me know and you and your wife can visit us for a Shipyard. My husband's a snowboarder but he's a nice guy.
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