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Revolution in Boot fitting

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Just had a boot fitting session with Kenny Friedman, AKA, Kenny's Double Diamond of Vail. The session was incredible. He has a very effective yet simple approach to fitting. No fancy tools or equipment, only a perfectly flat platform that allows him to adjust the boot the correct postioning without any interference from carpeting or un even flooring. He started by showing me the difference in the ramp of the boot. My boots vs. a few Neutral stance boots. My balance in the neutral boots was dramatically better. Then he showed me what he considers to be almost the most critical aspect of the boot, the Zeppa. The Zeppa is the board that runs under the liner. Kenny feels it's widely overlooked by the manufacturers. He showed me several different types used in different brands and models of boots. We worked on finding the zeppa that provided me the best balance. It didn't take long and the difference between them was noticable. By this point I was ready to to try differnt boots. Kenny has cool method of finding the best boot. Using boots that were in the same category he took out about 6 pairs and we quickly tried on one on each foot. Using a 3 point fit guide he has, I was able to find the boot that fit best in a bout 10 minutes. This sounds too simple but it really worked. The choice came down to a lange 120, Nordica Beast and the Head s10 (they didn't have a s12, actually no one in all of Beaver Creek had them) In the end the boot that had the best balance and initial fit was the Beast. He then worked on the cant of the boot. He made to adjustments to the cuffs, only using shims between the bindings and the boot. Nothing was done to the boot itself. This part took a little time. Once we had this down he made a minor tweak to the liner on the cuff to help straighten my flex. Once this was done, i had near perfect balance and allignment. Mind you that other than switching out the zeppas and moving my top buckle in, nothing was done to the boot, he didn't even use the heat fitting of the liner. I then took them out on the mountain, my skis were now labeled for left and right. No joke here, the boot fit perfectly and I was standing up straight and had more power, stability and balance than ever. I was amazed by how much less effort I was using to skiing with. What was interesting was that we never considered flex or forward lean. No custom foot beds either! I will be skiing on them for the next 4 days and will report then.
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Very interesting. Did you get the Beast 10 or 14? I have the Beast 12 from last year and this year that boot has been renamed Speed Mashine. My Beast 12 from last year in the size 29,5 was a bit tight and I had to make extensive changes to the shell but the same size Speed Mashine of this year fit me perfectly.

Zeppa, ok, so now I know whats underneath the insole. I have been discussing custom footbeads in another thread here because I have found that in my Beast 12's the original insole is really good although it looks like a joke. Good to hear that someone else has opted for the regular on a Beast. My zeppa by the way is made of elastic rubber material. Very comfortable to ski on. What about yours? Is it elastic also?

Do you have an e-mail address to Kenny?
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