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Another great ETU...

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Well, the Second Annual ETU has come and gone (except for the lucky few who could manage to play hooky on Monday). Ewa & I skied with Doug Stewart - an incredible skier and gifted coach. Besides being a great coach on the snow, Doug was just as good off the snow - on day 2 he encouraged us to develop some feeling for the air ("you can't get hurt in the air" - wise man, though he never did get any of us to imitate his switch 360). The ETU is establishing a great track record of providing top notch coaching talent, at the right time each season, and at bargain rates.

If only we could get the snow thing working... (i.e. cold temps + precipitation = snow) ...one of these years...

Thanks to all who organized this event - we appreciate your time and effort!

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There is another thread in the Instruction Forum on this year's ETU, please see the comments there as well.


When will the PSIMAN video be up for all to see?
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