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I rarely get cold-sores but last skiing holiday I got a nasty one towards the end of my holiday and I didn't carry on skiing for fear of spreading it all over my face. : I was really careful to cover up on the slopes as I think it is due to the sun at higher altitudes and reflection off the snow, so I wore a scarf all day round my face most of the time.

The problem with this is it was quite uncomfortable, got very hot and clammy due to my breath condensing on the scarf.

This year, I'm going even higher altitude-wise and want to find a compfortable way of covering my face whilst skiing. I was thinking along the lines of a cycling mask that has a vent in it (like an anti-pollution-mask) but I don't know where I'd get one of these and I wondered if you guys had any othe ideas?: : :

Thanks for your help!
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A couple of spolutions.

First ALWAYS use sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen. Sunburned lips are a significant trigger for the cold sore virus. Re-apply frequently. As the old saying goes, and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and in this case it's really true.

Secondly, if it's really bad, you might talk to your doctor about a prescription of Valtrex or similar medicationi. It can be taken preventively, or after you start to feel the "tingle". I've not had great success with the topical ointment (Zovirax?). Anyway, it's kind of pricey, but it does work fairly well.

Good luck,
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HI Ishull,

I already do apply sunscreen and sun protective lip-balm, its just not enough, I have to physically over my face in cloth or suchlike.

Zovirax doesn't work that well for me.

I am considering asking for a prescription of antivirals befoe I go, I just think the doctor is going to think I am mad asking for expensive antivirals just so I can go skiing. I think they'll say no way, too expensive, worth a try though.

Thanks for your reply.
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The "cold sore virus" is actually herpes labialis, most likely herpes simplex type 1, the less serious type. Before anyone freaks out, something like 70%-80% of the population has this. And excessive sun is one of the most common triggers of the cold sores. Applying a sunblock will definitely help. Use a 30+SPF lip balm. And a sunblock for the rest of your face would be advisable, given your sensitivity.

You'll notice that they always occur in the same place(s). There is no cure for herpes. Even when you show no symptons, the virus remains in the nerve tissues of the face. So when you have an outbreak, exercise caution to not touch the sore, and then touch other parts of you body (or other bodies). Rubbing one's eye after touching the sore can lead to blindness! My understanding is that using anti-viral medication before the onset of symptons won't prevent the outbreak. But the prompt use of the medication will help to reduce the outbreak, and speed healing.

There are plenty of online resources, so some surfing will likely produce better results for medical treatment than a ski forum. If you learn anything of note, I'd like to suggest you add it on to this thread for future reference.
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If you can get it an Oz company called ego make a lip sunscreen with a lot of titanium in it that is REALLY GOOD.... Makes you lips look white though.... it stays on REALLY WELL... & if they are not white any more - they nneed more....

My friend get cold sores when she skis - from the UV.... she swears by the stuff since I put her onto it....

EGO sunsense lip balm.... they export all around the world
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