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Equip. Rentals "Ski Trucks" Salt Lake City

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Hola friends! Instead of renting again and again, and just for 15-20 days/year skiing, any thoughts/advice about Salt Lake City "Ski Truck" USED equipment (skis/bindings/boots)? Prices seem very good....

Thank you.
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There's a thread in ski gear discussions "Worst ski website"...it happens to be your boys truck ski. Yikes, after reading their site I wound't suggest anyone buy anything from them.
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Taylormatt, tks.

YIKES! Buyer Beware! Employees dangerous!

These phrases seem apt to all the stuff in the site you sent me!

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I just wanted to chime in - if you know the equipment, you can buy on eBay and have it shipped to your hotel/lodge, and it's WAY cheaper than shipping your own skis.

On my trip tp Tahoe, the airline wanted to charge me $155 to travel w my skis ONE WAY! I shipped them RT by fedEx for $90
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I stopped into see the much advertised Skitrucks warehouse (it's huge) on crappy day not worth skiing this time last year. Ended up buying a new helmet and couldn't be happier. The owner was very cool and friendly.
Seemd to be a place to buy ski accessories and odds and ends. And also maybe a good place for a local casual skier to buy used skis/boots cheap instead of renting all season. Not an experts store by any means but interesting in it's own way.
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I have bought my daughter a new/used set up from them every couple of years.  Started when she was 4, she is 9 now.  The equipment has been fine and you can pick and choose the level/age/usage you want.  Most of the stuff I have gotten her was used 1 season and ski'd on very few days. 

They have been great about returns that don't fit properly and then next year buy back anything they sell you at 1/3 of what you paid.

The staff/owner have been very friendly over the phone and easy to deal with.

If I lived in a resort town I would probally go to the ski swaps but I don't.  I am in a small town without so much as a sporting goods store that sells ski equipment, so they are the easiest cheapest way to insure my daughter has her own equipment.  Ebay is a pain and I have had too many bad experiences there.

Now that her level has improved and she is old enough I may start looking for other deals, like I bought her a good new helmet last season.  But for a beginner it was a great deal.
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Going back to SLC, looking to buy used equipment, again.  Has this outlet improved in quality and reliability?


They certainly offer the best deal I've found in SLC.



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There is only one place I buy used gear in the valley. Each year I make a pilgrimage to 2nd Track Sports on 3300 S to check out early season and late season inventory. It's a consignment store that sells used and new gear. Their prices are usually great (recently I bought a pair of Rossi Soul 7s with Fritschi bindings for $140 - super happy). They sell everything - coats, helmets, boots, skis, gloves, etc.


2nd Tracks gets the Park City Four Wheel Drive Rental stamp of approval !

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If you don't mind getting last season's gear checkout levelninesports in salt lake city. I picked up a new pair of rossignol smash 7's here after looking all around. They have a website you can take a look at their inventory
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Ski Trucks is offering a PKG for $99 excluding poles, 2nd Level $200, Levelnine $329............


Looks like we'll compare goods on-site upon arrival, 6pm 12/24, just a loooooonnnnnnggg 18 days away!



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Get your own boots!
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

Get your own boots!

I know.....  And, perhaps more importantly, LESSONS 'cause it ain't the car it be da driver!

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gpaulski.... still trying to talk himself into ignoring the advice on ski forums..... :deadhorse:

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