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Unscientific Reviews of womens Demo skis

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This weekdend I had a lot of fun trying out some demos. I am an intermediate skiier I think. Blues and blacks. I tried them out at Sugarlaof in Maine. We had fresh snow Friday so Saturday there was about 4-5 inches of powder over groomed manmade snow and ice and a few inches of snow before. During Saturday the runs bumped up more and more with every run.

I am 5'2" and 130 (should lose a few pounds) My regular skis are k2 spire in 153. Because I like shorter skis I didn't have much choice and took what they had.

Solomon Scrambler 7 Pilot W155
This is a fat ski that really floated. I tried it first when there was still a lot of fresh snow. It felt like I was on a sled but it was heavy for me and difficult to edge. Made short and long turns nicely.

Solomon Streetracer 8 ITF W 155
This ski was on automatic pilot skiing bumps and I didn't even think I could ski bumps! (by now the snow was bumping up pretty well). It has these shovel shaped tips and liked to make short turns. But when I wanted to let them rip and make larger turns they didn't cooperate easily. I couldn't wait to give them back. (Maybe they take getting used to)

Atomic Metron 9 around 150
By now it was afternoon and almost every trail was skiied off or bumped
up pretty well. These were the only short ones Atomic had for me to demo. "They're very forgiving," the demo guy said and after the Streetracers I needed forgiving. These skis were easy to ski in bumps, steeps, short and long turns, and even little (accidental) jumps from some of the bumps. I landed on my feet and felt in control. I took some extra runs with them.

Snow was groomed with an inch or two of fresh stuff over it. Beautiful conditions.
Volkl Supersport Gamma 147
These skis were great. I didn't want to give them back. They held well on steeps and turned easily. They felt very light. I liked the shorter length-- very easy to manage. They seemed to make all skiing very easy. I really recommend trying these. The only thing I notice is they didn't have much rebound. I think these would be a great confidence builder for any skiier.

When I went back to my K2's I liked them better than anything I tried, although I can't get the Volkls out of my mind.
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Thanks for the post madbee, science be damned! I'll pass this along to gf who's in the hunt for skis this year. Seems like k2 is really onto something good, and the supersport gammas are worth a demo as well. Between the two, did you notice any difference in terms of stiffness esp, at tip and tale? From what I've read, k2 uses a more flexible wood (spruce) there, and that, along with the lighter overall weight and forward binding mount, is what contributes so much -- finally, were those motion bindings on the volkls? And what bindings do you have on your spires? Thanks!
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The k2's are last years model with an atomic 412 binding that adjusts so I can have it more foreward. (Recommended to me by RicB on this forum) The Volkls had their motion bindings which may have contributed to the ease of skiing. The Volkls were less stiff and lighter but carved very well even on icier steeps. I can't stop thinking about them.
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The spire from last year is probably equal to the Burnin' Love this year. I wanted to try the One Love which I think is a little softer just to compare but they only had a longer model. The K2s I have really smooth out and cut through ice bumps and other crummy conditions we have here in the east. But then again no complaints on the volkls.
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Hey Madbee!! Sounds like you're turning into a ski-slut like me. I reviewed the Burnin' Luvs and the One Luvs in the Consumer Gear Discussion. The Burnin' Luvs are wicked hot, albeit a bit stiff. The One Luvs were nice, but I think it may be low end for where you're at.

Sounds like you'd like to have an affair with the Volkls, while staying married to your K2s!

Suggestion before you buy:
Demo a few of these skis at the Academy, and have the instructors give you feedback on how you ski the different models.
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Lisamarie-- You have me pegged. I'm flattered that you think the One Luvs might be low end for where I'm at, considering you've only seen me on a pilates ball. Can you tell something about my skiing from that? I do want to have that affair. Practical advice about the Volkls but i don't feel too practical.
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I ride the Summit Stage with a guy who works at Peak Sports at Copper. He told me that once women demo the Volkl Supersports, they usually have to have them immediately. That was all I needed, having someone contribute to my growing "promiskiity." No I didn't try them yet. Sometimes you just have to resist temptation!

I'm beginning to think that certain skis have more power over women then certain guys do!

As far as your skiing goes, I know that you have good balance from watching you on the ball, and I know where you ski at The Loaf.
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Say madbee - I just peeked at Volkl's site for more info on the Gamma Supersports, and the shortest length they have listed is 154 ( up to 161, 168, 175). I'm sure you're sure, but...are you sure it was 147? Even the german language site doesn't list it... the gamma SS in that length is tops on our demo list, along with the 1luv recommended by LM
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I think you would be fine on the One Luv ski. It's designed for advanced intermediates to expert skiers, as is the Burnin' Luv. The only difference between the two is the Burnin' Luv has an extra sheet of metal making it stiffer. This translates into a smoother ride at high speed but also requires more input from the skier in making turns. The One Luv is a livelier ski that is not quite as stable at speed but is better just about everywhere else. My daughter is a level 8-9 skier and is thrilled with her One Luv's.
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I saw that on the Volkl site which is strange, but here is a link to a ski store
(I have found it for 20% off of that price in a couple of places.)

Jake Thanks for the info. That's kind of what I expected from the One Luv's.

If you try the Supersports, let me know what you think.
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The Gamma Supersport comes in a 147...must be a typo on the website. A skier I was with yesterday at the PSIA Snow Jam was demo-ing the Gamma in the 147 and she loved it!
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I know someone who'll be glad to hear that...hoping we can track down a pair for her to demo this weekend...
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madbee; Great reviews! Funny! As for the Volkl supersports and rebound,
Ski 'em around awhile and get used to them. I have the 5*s. Volkls usually have a nice kick to them, so I checked Keelty's review http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/ and they rated the Gammas as a 4 out of 5 for rebound. Once you get hooked by Volkls it's hard to ski anything else. I think it's the little German gnomes living inside.
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The skis are 20% off $699 (with the binding) at Ski Market and at the American ski shop with my pass. And just in time for Christmas. That's the lowest I could find.
Mr. Crab-- I look foreward to experiencing the rebound!
I've been drooling over them so much that the snowboarder I live with has offered to chip in part of his Christmas bonus towards them. (Then he won't feel guilty if he buys the new board he's drooling over)
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Madbee...thanks for posting I went to a demo days two weekends ago, but only hit one ladies ski. Here is the info I sent to a friend of mine on my views of all the skis I hit. Key learning for me is that a lot of it comes down to a ski that "meshes" for each person. (read my view on the Volkl's I demo'd)

Conditions were sweet...snowed earlier and not too many ppl on the mountain. Did each run (same run) 3 times for a total of 20 runs (one ski I couldn't turn in fast enough) I didn't get on all the skis I wanted. Plus K2 and Volante weren't even there so I was really bummed I couldn't try out the Crossfires.

I tried the Head iM75 (they didn't have anything smaller than 170) and I agree with what you said. Very good ski has a huge sweet spot. Good at both long and short turns, great in soft snow, soaks up ripples in the snow. The only skepticism I had was a feeling that it was "light" in the front. I think that this was more because if was my first few runs and I wasn't putting more pressure on the front of my boots. If I had more time I would have come back to them at the end.

I had a ball on the Rossignols Bode Millers. Holy smokes, they were snappy skis, initiated on a dime, but I think they'd only keep me happy on groomers (definitely NOT on powder).

I wasn't so keen on the Dynastar Legend, but again, I would have to say that part of the reason was because the demo ski they gave me was really battered up (this surprises me that they would let it go out like that).

I tried a Volkl 724 gamma - I don't think these skis are worthy of a fireplace. There was NO control, no nothing. Because I didn't look like a drunken paranoid first timer on any skis before or after these, I think it was the ski. Amazing how horrible one ski can be.

My all time favorite (which you undoubtedly didn't try for gender reasons) was the Fischer Vi40 165. It was just easy to do anything and everything. Transitions (terrain) was very smooth, short turn radius turns snappy as hell and long carving turns very nice. They say this is a nice "all mountain" but intermediate to just starting advanced.

I'm pretty much confused now.

And after all that, I'm likely to get a pair of B1's
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Good to see more reviews from a woman's point of view. I got the Volkls this weekend and really enjoyed them all over the mountain. And I discovered they do have rebound. These skis really work for me.
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