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Nordica Doberman WC XS

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I am looking for new boots. I am interested in the Doberman WC XS. I don't know if it is still in production but i can get these boots and at a decent price too. My current boot is the XT 17.
I weight about 160 lbs. and these boots seem to have the soft flex i need.
As far as i remember these two models were the two primary reccomandations Jeff Bergeron made for those looking for a softer plug. From what i know both of these boots use the lower of the stiffer (real) plugs. I don't plan on using them for serious racing but i won't be relaxing on the either.
The big question is: Do you think that for what i plan on using them, the XS will make a (big) difference?

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If youre planning on jumping and landing any kind of big air... dont consider it. I raced and free skied in the Soft all last season and it is a brutal all mountain boot. When youre in soft snow, it is impossible to flex, just because you cant get anything to lever against. The XS might be another story though. I assume that is the one that has the 110 or 130 flex... considerably softer. i almost considered one as a freeskiing boot this year, but i went with the soft padded, very comfortable Head S12 instead. I'm still using the dobies for racing though... and will probably not substitue anything anytime soon. If the boot fits, and you like the flex and extremely low volume, go for it. Otherwise, i would say to stick with your XT17, as that is a very well fitting and comfortable boot for most people.
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Put your foot in the Diablo race pro, and it will hands down out fit and out perform your XT's
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Heluva,i went to the shop where you can find Nordica products only (almost) and i was in for a big surprise. The boot i was looking for is not a real adult model. I mean it's for lighterweight women/juniors. The boot i was looking for is the WC XS with flex 100 (and it is listed on Notdica's website in the junior section). You can imagine how dissapointed i was. They told me that the only models available for adult (150 WC Soft not included) are the Pro 130 and 110 and they showed me something not the catalog but i saw this with my own eyes). I was so dissapointed that i even didn't try the Pro 130 on. So i left and went home. I guess i have to look for another model now.

Btw, did you know that they make a Doberman with flex index 160? Who can ski in that boot??
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sywsyw, don't you like the XT17s? If you do, why not try the Diablo Race Pros?
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Yes, i did realise that about the 100. I thought you were aware that the 100 was a women's/junior boot for racing. That is why i suggested the 110 or 130. The 110 is almost the same as the 100 in every way shape and form, accept it is slightly stiffer and comes in larger sizes (stocked). The 130 isnt a boot that i find terribly stiff, and that i feel that any adult that was looking to the type of boot to begin with should be able to flex it... whether they want to flex it is another story. I was aware that the Dobie came in a 160 flex. It also comes in a flex (or came) that was between 170 and 180 somewhere. These boots were specially made for Bode Miller and were probably the stiffest Doberman ever made. It was the 'stiff' flex. They come in X-soft, Soft, Medium (typical WC racers use this one), and Stiff (Bode only to my knowledge). I found this all out from talking with Eric Schlopy one day last fall, in conjunction with the rep that i got my boots from.

That all being said, you should at least try the boots on. See if you like the fit. It will be a lower volume than the Technicas that have been mentioned. If you find that you like the 130, it can easily be softened by cutting in a few key areas in the back of the boot.

hope that helps a little


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ssh, i am looking for a boot for freeskiing. I skied the XTs for one run only and i partly know wht they're capable of. So i want a boot somewhat better for freeskiing. The diablo race pro is an option definitely worth considering. It is a better boot for freeskiing. Did you try it on?
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Heluva, i will try the Pro 130 on. It has a wider last than the 150 WC Soft so it should fit better initially. This is their aim, to fit more feet. I also added the Race Pro 130 to my list.
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Originally Posted by sywsyw
ssh, i am looking for a boot for freeskiing. I skied the XTs for one run only and i partly know wht they're capable of. So i want a boot somewhat better for freeskiing. The diablo race pro is an option definitely worth considering. It is a better boot for freeskiing. Did you try it on?
I ski the XT for everything. I didn't try the Race Pro, since there's no way that I'm getting family budget for boots this year (just got the XTs last year). If I was looking at boots, I'd likely look at the Atomic RaceTec, too, but it's rumored to be incredibly stiff, even in its softest form.

I find the XT17s to be quite soft in forward flex, though. And smoother than anything I have ever been in. It's that smooth flex that's so sensual! :

Oh, and for Phil, I'll suggest you try the Krypton, too. Something Plake designed has to be well-suited for the kind of skiing you're planning.
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ssh, i know that you like your boots a lot. I remember your review. And i also remember that Jeff Bergeron worked with you. I said that the Race Pro is better for freeskiing because it has a more upright stance than the XT. I want to keep the XTs for racing and buy a freeskiing boot with a more upright stance so that i can relax more. But this is not the only thing i want. I also want a tad more volume but definitely not too much.
So these are the reasons for purchasing a new boot.

Heluva, did you try the Doberman Pro 130? I need to know if you liked the fit. It is very important for me to know the opinion of someone who uses the WC 150 Soft. Do you think it's too roomy? I will try the boot on Wednesday.
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I havent tried on the 130, but i did try the 110 and the 100 (junior/womens). They all felt like the same shell - slightly more volume than my dobermans, but nearly the same exact shape inside. The plastic was also significanly softer and the boots were easier to get into. I found the 100 and 110 to be quite soft. The 130 i assume would have the flex of the speed machine boot, which i have had on quite recently. I assume the 130 would fit just like the 110 and 100 shells. They widened the forefoot slightly... making the boot easier to ski in.
Hope that helps.
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Thanks Heluva. I am going to try them on Wednesday and i will let you know about it.
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Hi Sywsyw--

I ski the Doberman 150 and I think it's the best boot I've ever skied. I weigh about the same as you--160 lbs. Jeff Bergeron did the grinding to make the plug boot fit me perfectly.

I've also skied the Doberman 130, which is a boot I'd recommend for almost any strong skier, assuming it fits and assuming you're willing to spend some time with a good boot fitter/alignment specialist to set it up right. Out of the box, it is a bit wider than the 150 (which can be ground to fit wider feet too). The 130 is meant to fit more feet without the need and expense of custom grinding of a plug boot. And the slightly softer flex helps the 130 earn the name Nordica has given it--"the humane Doberman." It's a great boot!

If you really want "softer," the Doberman 110 is a softer version of the 150 plug. I like fairly stiff boots, and at your size, I think the 130 or (maybe) the 150 would be better bets. Why do you want them soft?

Dobermans have a very nice flex. Even the stiffer 150 has a progressive flex that allows it to "give" a little, which helps it swallow little vibrations and such, and softens the blow if you hit a bump the wrong way.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks for the input, Bob. I am going to try on the 150 too. You gave me a great idea: i will try on the 150 and if it fits i will more than likely buy it and use the XT as my freeride boot. It is probably the best thing to do. It makes sense because the XT is the softer boot. And i can remove the rear spoiler to have a more upright stance. This doesn't mean that the Pro 130 or 100 are not on my list anymore. And i know that i can soften the Dobermann if needed (there are some people here who can help me with this).
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Guys, i tried the boots on today. The list includes: Doberman WC 150 Soft, Pro 130 and 110.
The Doberman WC 150 Soft was stiff, very stiff infact. I remembered that i can soften the flex but by how much? Can i soften it to say 120? Only God knows how stiff the Soft is going to be on the hill (and especially when it's cold).
The Pro 130 was a different story though. I could flex it, but still it felt a little stiff. Yes i can soften it and i think i can get the flex right.
Well, the best boot was the Pro 110. It had the flex i thought was best for me.

Regarding fit, i can say that there is a difference between the boots. And it is most noticeable in the forefoot (as advertised).

The only boot they didn't have was the WC XS. I have found a very interesting reply by Jeff Bergeron here:http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...c a+dobermann (middle of page)

You see, Heed and i have almost the same height and the same weight. Jeff Bergeron thinks that the best choice for him would be the XS. So i was a little dissapointed that the boot was not available.

I also went to the shop where you can find Tecnica models.
Well, the Race Pro was the only boot they didn't have. So i tried on the Diablo Fire and Flame (just because i was curious to see how they fit).
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