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used 188 mid fats

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looking for Volkl 724 pro 188 or K2 mod X or XT in a 188. they dont need binding because I want to us them telemark.
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I have a pair of 724 pros 184cm that I just mounted this past Saturday and skied one day at Vail this past Sunday. I would sell just the skis without bindings.
Volkl just sent me these 724 pros as a replacement for a pair of G4s.
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I have a pair of K2 Mod X pros in 188 in great condition. Currently mounted but I'd pull the bindings off. email me at dewski@comcast.net
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If you are interested in a pr. of k2 Mod 7/8 in a 188 for $125 (plus shipping from Washington, DC), let me know. This is the softest model in the "Mod/Axis" line, ie very slightly slightly softer than both the Mod X and Mod X Pro.

These skis have been skied for only 2 or 3 runs one afternoon and are in almost mint condition. There is no damage anywhere, top or bottom, and have been stored dry and waxed. They had Look bindings on them, but I pulled them and am using the bindings on another pair of skis.

The story is that I got them as part of a deal even though I knew they would be too soft for my weight (215 lbs). I've kept them around thinking that I would eventually mount tele bindings on them (exactly like you are planning to do), but I don't think I'm actually going to get around to doing this, so I'm letting them go.

If you or anyone else is interested, either send me a private message here on Epic, or normal email to physicsman000@yahoo.com.


Tom / PM
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K2 Launchers Make A Nice Tele-light Weight


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How about some 187 xscream series?
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I have exactly what your looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brand New in the plastic, 188 Mod X's for $200 plus shipping.
Let me know at rjsacnbas@aol.com
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sorry didnt get back for so long ,computer problems. still interested in skis.let me know. thanks.
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still have the Volkl 724 pros without bindings!
I just posted them in the gear swap!
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