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volkl 724 EXS?

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Hi, brand new guy here. Would appreciate some advice on skis as a gift for my wife for christmas. I am debating whether to do that instead of letting her demo some, but that would require me to think of another gift!

I am thinking a good intermediate all mountain ski. In looking around and talking to local shops I am thinking Volkl 724 EXS or Rossi B1 or B2, but I am worried that these may be slight overkill.

She is late 30's, 5' 4" 120lbs, 20 years plus experience but coming off a multi-year layoff due to kids. We used to ski Whistler about 20 to 1 over Blackcomb and about 75 to 1 over any other hill. Currently she has a set of Rossi 4SKs which she loved (light slalom straight skis for those who don't remember). She is a formerly a strong advanced intermediate skiier who skied blacks or blues and in the bumps, but she had cut back on skiing to maybe 5 days a year even before the kids and has no experience on shapes.

Anyway, if there is a clear good choice I would like to go for it. The kids start a ski camp right after christmas, so we need something. These skis will last a few years because we are probably only looking at 10 or so days a year once we get the kids going. I have some Volkl Crossrangers myself which I love but are barely broken in.
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I'm thinking a few lessons on shaped skis. If she was a strong skier I might recommed the EXP or the Gamma EXP, the womans version. I think you should try and work out a demo deal with the lessons. Then let her decide which ski she likes.
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the exp would be a good choice, but as stated above, she'll really like the Gamma EXS. my girl skied it last year and thought the world of it. she's a pretty similar size to your wife.

trying out skis first is a good idea, but the EXS and the EXP aren't overly shaped skis so they are fairly easy to adjust to.

lessons will help her understand how to ski a shorter, shaped ski, in any case.
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Thanks very much guys. A couple of new options opened up after some shopping. I can get a set of 724 AX3's last years model 156cm for $359 CDN plus the price for bindings or a pair of Rossi Bandit W skis 160 cm (last years I think - green printing on white) for $399 CDN with Axial 90 bindings. I realize the bandit is not as good a ski but they do seem to get good reviews as a better than expected intermediate ski and that seems to me to be a very good price.
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Where is this deal?

Semlin... this AX3 deal you found, somewhere in YVR? (Am trying to find a pair of 170cm 724 AX3/EXP or PRO for the son... ) Will be in YVR only one day before heading to Whistler.
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comor on west 4th avenue at burrard. I only saw 156cm and then long ones. Snowcovers on 3rd and fir a block away has them for $659 with bindings and they may have more selection.
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