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help with ski length

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hey all,

I just got a great deal on a pair of 180 cm, Atomic SX:9's but I'm worried they might be too long for me. I weigh 170 lb, am 6'1" and consider myself an advanced skier. Before mounting bindings I wanted to make sure skiing on something this long wouldnt make me miserable. If possible, should I make an attempt to trade them in somewhere for 170's, even if it means 50-100 bucks out of my pocket?

I'm coming off of 190 cm atomic beta ride 10.20s and loved the stability at high speeds, but could not handle them on mogels or in the trees.

Thanks for any advice
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I'd say your good, especially coming off the 190 10.20's. Remember, the SX:9 is a step down from the full-blown skier-X SX:11. The 180 will be better if you prefer skiing fast (as it seems you do), but the 10-cm step down from your previous skis ought to get you want you want in the bumps. I say go for it...
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You should be fine at your weight
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you'll be fine.
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