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All-mountain boot flex index

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Does anyone have any opinions regarding the proper flex index for an all-mountain boot? Do you want a stiff boot, or a softer boot? Any opinions?
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Flex indexes are arbitrary numbers assigned by manufacturers- they are like trail markings between different resorts. More info is needed about your physical attributes and skiing skills to recommend a boot type.
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I'm 235 lbs and I try to ski hard. I'm also trying to develop the ability to ski anywhere on the mountain: bumps, groomed, steeps, powder, etc. I'm currently on quite a soft boot (Nordica W8). What's best for a would-be hard charger: soft, medium, or stiff?
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It is going to be totally based on personal preference. I know some very talented aggressive skiers that prefer a softer boot, whereas other may prefer a stiff boot. I do however have to disagree with the statement above regarding flex indexes of various companies. It is true that they are not directly comparable, but they are very very close to each other - with the exception of technicas flex index that was used until this season. I assume that most of them have something to do with distance resistance... but i have no confirmations on that. Essentially most manufacturers' boots line up with each other in flex. A 100 flex Salomon, is very close to a 100 flex Lange, or 100 Flex Technica, or 100 flex Nordica... etc. The list goes on but you get the idea. However, all of these boots fit very differently. You should be less concerned with flex and more concerned with fit. If a boot is going to be too stiff for you, you will know when you try it on.

Personally i like to race in a very stiff boot (Nordica Doberman Soft - 150 flex). My free skiing boots are Head S12's. While the head flex index does not compare to any other - it is about the flex of a nordica 100 - 120 (somewhere in that range - probably to the higher end 110+). To me the S12 is quite soft... I also found the Technica XT17 to be VERY soft and the XT24 to be moderately soft. The Lange RL1 and corresponding Rossignol boot are some of the stiffest i have had on my foot - more so than the Doberman because of the amount of forward lean.

Try on a few boots to find a fit that you like and then test out flex indexes. If you find a stiff boot that has a good fit, it can always be softened.


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another good tip is to try and match the flex of your ski with your boot, or vice versa.

the only way to do this is think that the stiffest boot from a manufacture will work well with the stiffest ski from that manufacturer (or any other stiffest ski from any other manufacturer), and so on.

think about what ski you have and work on finding a boot that flexes within the boot line up about the same as where your ski flex is in regards to the whole boot line up.

so, if you have a ski that could be classified as being in "the third stiffest flex range" from that manufacturer, then you think about boots that are in the "third stiffest" or maybe "second stiffest" range.

of course, the first thing to do is find the boot that fits. usually there are a range of flexes available in every different boot.

last year i got into a boot that more closely matched the flex of my skis - and it made the skis ski better - i have better control and feel between my boot and ski now.

does this make sense?
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I had the W8 for a season. At 200 lb's myself I literally crushed that boot. I got it to try the softer boot thing...well, it was too soft. Went back to the 100-110 range and am loving it.
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