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Winter about to arrive

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Looks like Winter is finally going to arrive in the east. Crank up the snow guns boys.
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Dang!! About time!!!!
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don't you DARE threaten me with a good time!
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Can't see hardly any grass on the 7 Springs mountain cams, it's snowing now, and its predicted to stay cold from here out. Somethings bound to screw up (j/k I hope). I just hope its not too early to celebrate.
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In Europe the winter has not arrived yet.
Conditions are bad in almost all resorts. Much resorts opened their area this weekend, but almost with very little skiing.

End of next week we hope to have some decent snowfall.
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Just finished my first ride on the xcountry skis of the season. 4-10 inches expected here over next two days. Downhill next weekend?
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Went up to 7S today to get my locker in order. There was probably about 2" on the ground and it was snowing fairly steady all morning. Guys were riding quads all over checking the guns. Hopefully they can fire tonight and if the forecasts are correct, stay on non stop through Thursday morning.
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Check out yesterday at La Reserve, Quebec... about 20 minutes northeast of Tremblant:
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Xmas eve at Okemo then 12/26 at either Killington or Piko.
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