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Atomic R:EX vs Rossi B2

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So here's the deal. I'm a relatively little guy, 5'10", 150, but I ski much larger. I've lived in the Tahoe region most of my life so skiing is basically my life. Currently my daily rider is a Bandit XX 184 which is hands down the best ski I've ever had. Absolutely rips through anything I point 'em at and are way more stable at speed than any of my old race ski's ever were, which blew my mind at first. But they are in need of replacement and I have been a dedicated Rossi man for many years. I was gonna go for a 182 B2 but the 550-600 eBay price tag is too steep for my budget. A number of my buddies ride Atomic's and swear by them so the discounted R:ex's I'm finding at REI and such are lookin mighty fine.

My main question is size... 184 or 177. I'm thinking because of the added girth compared to my XX's I should go for the 177's, but I am of the Plake school mindset and I still can't seem to shake it. I'd really appreciate some input from anyone who's ridden them.

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Rossignol B2's

I have a pair of Rossignol B2's with Rossignol Axial Freeride 140 bindings.
Skis are 182cm and never skied, still brand new. Will sell for $500.
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I have owned and skied extensively both the Bandit XX and R:EX, and each in the 184. The XX is one of the easiest skiing midfat I have ever been on, not to mention, a ton of fun. However, they stack up to the R:EX like Jason Kidd to Shaq. The R:EX is a monster of a ski...right up there in Volkl Explosiv territory. If you are getting a pair of R:EX's to replace you XX's, then be prepared to adjust your skiing style. The R:EX skis long (in terms of length) and does not do short turns without a lot of input from the pilot. Anyhow...you asked about length, and not how they ski, so back to your original question.

Since a 184 XX has a turned up tail, and the binding mount is adjusted forward a few cm's to compensate (more like a park ski) they are more like 179-180 length ski. That fact, couple with the change in girth and stiffness of the R:EX make me say 177 is the size for you.
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I have the 10EX in 177cm I'm 185lbs 5'11" that will be plunty of ski for you.
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I agree with Bandit Man. I have owned the XX for a couple years then went to the B2 for the past few seasons and love them. I have skie the 10EX and considered buying them because of a shop deal Icould have made on them. After skiing them a few days, I decided against buying because they were just too much work and were noisey underfoot. Chatered too much on real hard pack. I like a nobrainer ski that I can ski all day without thought, is real forgiving to my afternoon lazyness and is smooth on the snow. That's the B2.
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