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I got these skis when I interned at K2 and never really use them so hopefully someone here would be intersted. They are a pair of 167 Race Stock slalom skis with a factory test top sheet (Mostly white with some american flags and they say factory test). The skis are full sidewall construction with two sheets of titanial and have racing bases and edges. The have a 21mm sidecut which translates to a 12 or 13 meter turn radius and are quite stiff. The bases and edges are as close to perfect as you can get in a used pair of skis and are covered in a thick coat of summer wax so they are protecetd. They might need a tune though as I have not really spent a lot of time on the edges. The bad thing is that that have been mounted twice already though. Once for Marker demo bindings and once for salomon 6-14's (these holes are not bluged yet if you want to put salomons back on. They were mounted for a 315mm sole length). I was thinking of selling them for $150 shipped to your door. If you want any more info or pictures just email me at as I don't check this sight all that often.