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Need Help Chooisng Appropriate Gear

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Hi, I'm a newcomer to the forum. Skied for ,maybe, 6 times last year on Blue M in Ontario here. Pretty much a beginner-intermediate type (used about 150cm skis). This year I want to get some gear of my own and need some tips...

I'm looking for about 152-156cm sizes. I was fairly comfortable on 150 but anything over 160 is an overkill for me I think.

I've seen some new head c100/110 models and elan w4 for fairly moderate prices. Are those decent? Also checked out some boots (I seen salomon xwave 8.0 at play it again store for 150-199can is that reasonable for that kind of boot?)

Any suggestions you guys can give me for a decent (not very expensive) ski?
Also if anyone can comment on good/ moderatly priced boots?

(Maybe someone knows a good online guide or something)?

Are there any other good sotres here in Toronto? I was primarily checking play it again sports -but was wondering if there were other ones. Sportcheck is a waste of $$$ i think...

Let me know

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I was in your boots, so to speak at the end of last season. At the end of last season, I bought boots first. Only used them a few times last year. Thsi year I bought skis.
My short list (east coast skiing) was

Head c140
Blizzard OX4
Fischer S move 5.5
Rossi TDI 200

Blizzard gives you the most ski for the money. If you can find last years model, you'll save even more. The first three retail for about $300-330 for ski and binding, the Rossi's about $400 (all US dollars).

-Scott K.
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Buy some really good fitted boots - middle of the road in stiffness/performance, but make sure they're comfy! Then demo lots of skis, and don't limit yourself to 150-odd cm skis for no reason. have fun doing it, then decide on which you like the best, and get advice here and test again your fave 2 or 3 pairs. Then buy! Boots are much more important at your stage...

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Definitely get good boots first of all. Have them properly fitted and get custom footbeds. This will make your days far more enjoyable.

Can't really comment much on beginner/low-intermediate skis, there's not that much of a difference at that level. As others mentioned, don't limit yourself to 150's (how tall are you, how much do you weigh? that can help us recommend aa good size).

For ski stores in Toronto, I recommend the following:
Skiis and Biikes (two stores, one in Mississauga, one on Don Mills Road)
Sign of the Skier (Yonge, a little south of Lawrence)
Sporting Life (a few locations, there's one about a block north of Sign of the Skier)

If you're skiing in Collingwood, look at:
Squire John's (Highway 26, just past Osler Bluff road as you're going towards Blue from Collingwood)
Skiis and Biikes (on the main street, hard to miss)
Sporting Life (don't actually know where it is, it just opened last year, haven't checked it out yet)

If you're just getting low end skis and know what you want, then you may be able to get a better deal at a more general sporting goods store, but definitely get your boots and fitting done at a good specialty ski store. I also highly encourage going to a good ski store once you want higher level skis - general sports stores tend to have lower end equipment that won't serve you as well.
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Thanks for suggestions guys

For my stats i'm 170 about 140-150pounds. I was looking for a more forgiving ski, but not the type which just sticks to the snow, still want some more versatility there.

What do you think about Salomon xwave 8.0?
I tried them on and they seem like a good fit, although, I'm not that good at distinguishing which boots are better for me. I'm going to go to to a proper ski store this week and check out what they can offer me for the boots there. I also see a lot of boots with switches for hard/soft (walking/skiing)? Are they necessary or u can do without?

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Btw does anyone know anything about rossignol t-power cobra stx 2004 edition?

A local shop here recommended those for me (160 cm)
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