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Tight Lange Liner

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I recently purchased a pair of Lange L10 ACDs in a 7.5 (298mm). Realizing that boots are the most important purchase and being evaluated by a good boot-fitter is the real way to go, I was hesitant at first to buy these off Ebay.

Nonetheless, given such a low price--$50--I went ahead and purchased them. The upside exceeded the downside by enough to take the chance on them. I'm realistic that these may not be the boots for me and I'll just have to go in and get it done the real way.

My street shoe size is 8.0 to 8.5, depending on the shoe and my feet are normal width, not wide and not narrow. When I shell fit the boots, I get approximately 1/2" of space between the back of my heel and the back of the boot. From what I have read, this sounds about right.

With my feet centered on the footboard, the sides of my feet lightly touch the sides of the boots. There is no direct pressure being applied to the side. All in all, in my mind (which could very well be off), I think I shell fit these boots well.

The problem is with the liner. When I step into the liner--even with it removed from the boot--my toes are squeezed by the toe box to the point that the last toe, the smallest one, starts curl around under my other toes. The liner length is just about right, I could possibly use another 1 to 2 cm’s there, but the real issue is with the toe box width.

Maybe after a few days on the slopes, the liner will pack down and the fit will be fine, but with so much squeeze around the toes, I am not so confident this will happen. Given that the boots were so cheap, the frugal part of me just wants to cut some slits into the toe box to create some needed space on the sides. Yet, I am also thinking of bringing the boots to a fitter and possibly getting the liner stretched out. Lastly, I can just let the $50 go and start from scratch.

There are so many knowledgable people on this board and I'd like to get some feedback and advice on what to do. Particularly, has anyone ever created more space in the toe box by slitting the liner? If so, where and how? I read somewhere that an option is to slit the liner and then stitch it with lycra.

Thanks and much appreciated.

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The lange toe boxes (L10) are narrow and the liner is really narrow there. I have to stretch them at least half of the time to get some in to the right shell fit. Sounds like your shell fit is good. I suggest opening the liner from the bottom and cutting there as opposed to up top and exposing your toes to cold plastic.
I'm lazy so I will cut and paste from somewhere else that I posted this.

Heat the bottom of the boot liner on the rubber rand starting at the toes until the glue softens. Start peeling it back at the toes and keep heating and peeling until you have it peeled to about mid foot. Cut a slit(s) that roughly run 90degrees from where you need the space.You may do one diagonally for the little toe and then widthwise part way for the big toe length. It could be once the little toes stop pushing on the liner the big toe will be happier any ways. About now a forefoot expander is handy but I'm guessing your foot could stand in. Wedge your foot in and see if the slit(s) open(s)s up some. Use contact cement on both surfaces and let it dry until it's lost it's tackiness. Then flash heat both surfaces quickly and heat the rubber rand enough until it's soft (pliable) then carefully stick it back down with the slit still open and foot still in there to assure that. Stand on it for a few minutes and giddy up. The forefoot expander would be much better than a foot if you can get your hands on one or get a shop to do it.
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