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Just bought a plane ticket out there for the middle of January for 5 days with a bunch of college buddys. Problem is i'm a pretty good skier, love the bumps, but most of my friends are, intermediate would be generous. I've never been to Whistler so my question is, is there a good spot on the mountain with say a good bump hill right next to a good intermediate hill for the other guys? I am going to ski with them, but don't want to not challenge myself the whole time. Also, any advice on how to get discount lift tix and/or a good cheap place to stay?? Thanks a lot in advance
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Jeff, there's plenty of terrain up there, for example, 7th Heaven on Blackcomb, you just cut down wherever you want, and they can take the long run down, or you can keep going straight where the pist takes the first turn right, and you'll get nice pow or bumps, while they can have fun.
Equally, DaKine at the bottom of the glacier can be bumped. Coming out from the restaurant on Blackcomb (Rendezvous), if you head over towards the Jersey Cream chair, you stay high, and they can stay low. You'll get fun, and they'll get cruisers.
Then there's coming down off the glacier, and heading towards the crystal hut. It's a bit of a traverse, but well worth it. Get on to Ridge Runner or Rock and Roll, and take a few turns off that.
The glacier itself can be good for bumps and yet also have room for those wanting to take it easier.

On Whistler, go up the Harmony express, and play in the Harmony bowl, and the Sun bowl...

I could keep on going, but let's just say there's plenty there for you!!!
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Thanks, I appreciate the info
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You'll have way more fun if you point them left and you head right. Hook up at 3:30pm at the Longhorn, The Gate, Blacks, GLC, Merlins, Dusty's... #1 rule in skiing, there are no friends on powder days.
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Originally Posted by Betaracer
#1 rule in skiing, there are no friends on powder days.
Ha ha ha! So much truth!! Ahh, I can't stop laughing.

Last year it had dumped about 20 inches at Telluride, and me and a couple of friends started off the morning together. One of my friends was a damn good skier, and the other one was an intermediate snowboarder. Yeah, the stay with our dear snowboarding friend that day lasted the first chair.

JeffKazoo -- I agree with BetaRacer, if you want to truly experience W/B, you might be best off taking a bit of time to ski the hard stuff yourself and meeting up with them at the pub. I love all the bowls on the skiers left in Whistler, and Spanky's Ladder (esp Sapphire Bowl) on Blackcomb can't be passed up. Fyi, be careful on entrance to Sapphire Bowl. It's hairy.
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I'd have to add Blowhole and Couloir Extreme to the must see list... if nothing else, take a peek down em. I did each of em for bragging rights, but they're both fun reasonably difficult runs. Blowhole is so much fun to drop into, pushing past all the gawkers (I'm 14 now, skiied it the first time @ 12) and listening to the various comments about 'crazy canadians' and 'nutcase kids'. Also, when you're skiing glacier express, by traversing across Secret Chute/Pakalolo on the skiier's left you can avoid the trash that is the ski out to the express... the runs around there are called Staircase and other such stuff... Staircase in particular has a few nice rocks to screw around on, conditions permitting, and they aren't well known runs so they tend to have decent snow. For bump skiing, crystal is unbeatable. Right underneath the lift, there's a nice long bump run convieniently split up into 3 or 4 segments by cat tracks... there's one segment thats kinda crappy in the middle, but the remaining ones are brilliant...
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W/B is perfect for that, do it with the wife all the time. Almost every lift there offers you that option. As long as there is no miscommunication or mistake, skiing with people with different abilities works out well there.
Discount tickets can be bought at any 7-11 in Vancouver or Squamish.
Good luck on the lodging, maybe asking around while there can get you some last minute special. Sometimes the rental companies offer good rates at the last minute cause it's better than having the rental empty. Those are usually for just a night or two but you could get lucky.
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Appreciate it guys. Thanks!
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Discount Lift Passes for Whistler

Originally Posted by hiski
Discount tickets can be bought at any 7-11 in Vancouver or Squamish.
Can you buy a couple of days worth of lift passes from 7-11 or are they only good on the day of purchase? How much are the tickets from there?

Is there any other option for cheaper tickets at Whistler?

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Originally Posted by begorrah
Can you buy a couple of days worth of lift passes from 7-11 or are they only good on the day of purchase?
Yes to your first queston and no to your second - you can use them any day, they just scan your ticket the day you use them.

Hope you have a great time at Whistler, the best skiing in North America, IMHO, the only wild card is the weather.
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