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Mt. Hood conditions

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I'm going to Oregon this Tuesday. The plan was to ski 2 days at Mt. Hood areas and then 4 days at Bachelor. I was ecstatic w/all the snow this week until the rain started. It appears the Mt. Hood areas lost about 2 feet of base from the rain.Mt Hood Meadows was supposed to open today, but opening has been cancelled until further notice. Give a forecast of very little snow, I assume they will not open. However, Timberline is at least partly open. Anyone been up there who has knowledge of conditions? Is it worth 2 days or should I look for alternative plans in Portland area. Also I need to buy my 12 yr old some ski pants. Any suggestions on good stores. Price is an issue as he'll just outgrow it in a couple of seasons. Thanks Steve
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you got the word, Meadows backed up and is not yet open while Timberline is on limited runs and those are soggy. I have not been up...waiting for a decent day but it's not looking good right now. Timberline is good for one day if only for the experience so go and enjoy. If you stay in the lodge then enjoy the hot tub...nuff said.
US outdoor downtown or Garts, GI Joes or many others depending on where you are at and how mobile you are.
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A few inches tonight at Bachelor and then cooling off with more snow coming and a 3500 ft FL. On another point here is a picture of the largest Avy in 40 years at Bachelor..........Thanks Bdog.
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Meadows opening got washed out. The only stuff open at Timberline is the year 'round runs. Temps are dropping after two days of Pineapple express, but . . .

Cheap ski pants in Portland metro--Helly Hansen has a factory outlet store at the Woodburn Outlet Mall, about 25 miles south of Portland. Buffalo Exchange is a second hand clothes place where my daughter's boyfriend has bought skiing stuff. There are other second hand places, too.
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I was up at Meadows today. It's, uh, slightly lacking in snow. Some die hard boarders were hiking up, though. More power to 'em.

Next Adventure on Grand Blvd. is a good place to get good deals on equipment & clothes. They have both new and used stuff.
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It rained all morning at Bachelor but cleared up a bit in the afternoon. The groomers were pretty good. We opened Outback and will try to open Northwest soon. It will be some real ice if it freezes.

That slide went from the cirque. uphill through the notch and down Marshmellow halfway to the lodge, carrying whole trees with it. It went at two AM --if it had been two PM we'd still be digging out bodies.

Check out second season sports in Bend for kid's clothes.
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I'll second the nomination for Next Adventure. REI has two stores in the Portland 'burbs, perhaps email or call to ask if they have any second hand sales going on.
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Originally Posted by Maui Steve
I'm going to Oregon this Tuesday.
Hey Steve! How about a trip report? find any good slopes?
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trip report

The family decided it was not one of our better ski trips. I have wife, 2 boys (9 & 12) and daughter 15. The first 2 dats, it was just me and the boys. We arrived in Portland late at night on 12-14. Woke up the next morning to ski Mt. Hood. Timberline was the only one open. Weather was beautiful and warm. Coverage was good so long as you stayed on groomers or glacier(Palmer Express). What we skiied was actually pretty fun, but limited. The glacier was cool in part b/c the chairlift ride has very dramatic scenery. The run down Palmer had a nice pitch and was wide open so you could play downhill racer. Second day was more of the same, but got a little boring after a few hours. Spent that night in Portland. Rendevouzed with wife and daughter and drove to Sunriver next day. Started skiing Bachelor on 12-18. First day was great. Warm sunny weather with soft snow. Coverage was pretty good so long as you stayed on marked runs. I did not go to Outback that day b/c of wife who is a terminal beginner, which turned out to be a decision I would regret. Next day was cloudy and windy. Family being from Hawaii are not too good in adverse conditions. 3rd day was just me and 12 yr. old boy. Unfortunately the weather had gotten cold. Not terribly uncomfortable, but cold enuf to turn the runs icy. The outback area which apparently had a little worse coverage was pretty icy all the way down. The area looked to have the best runs, but not when icy. 4th day was cold and windy and family was not good for too many runs.
Bachelor looks to be a cool mountain and was not crowded. Unfortunately, our timing was not perfect on conditions. Coverage was ok, it just needed either warmer weather or fresh snow to soften things up. P.S. I did the Summitt run the first day, but not until the end of the day when it had turned icy. Oh well maybe next year. Luckily, I have trip in a few weeks to Utah with a friend. I will not have to contend w/ whining.
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Utah sounds great, hope it turns out great for you. Maybe Tahoe? :-)
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