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Since the US has been manufacturing and buying so much stuff from China, this loss of control was inevitable. Who is going to stop them counterfeiting?
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Originally Posted by BakerBoy View Post
So what brand of skis do you own?
Lets see, Fischer, Volkl, Atomic, and K2s.
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Guess where they make K2s?
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Its a toss up. I just bought a few genuine Spyder shirts from a store here in NY called Century 21, (you may have seen it during 9/11, it was one of the stores accross the street from the towers). At any rate, I got the shirts for more than 50% off.

Now as far as buying stuff from over seas obviously the risks are augmented, but that still does not mean that its not genuine or as good as the real deal. I have a friend that manufacturers clothing, one of his lines is called NorthSportif, he goes to China tells them what he wants they make and or draw out a few designs, he approves them and they get made IN THE EXACT SAME PLANT THAT RALPH LAUREN makes his stuff, using the same materials. This isnt exclusive to jackets most high quality metal glasses frames are made by 2 companies in Italy regardless of the brand.

PS: a tip about buying designer name brand items on ebay. When an item is listed as authentic, that only means that it is true to the original, not that it is original. Genuine on the other hand means nothing less than that it is made and designed by the original maker. You will find few people that are willing to say that their designer products sold on ebay for 1/5 the retail price is genuine.
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My dad lives as an ex-pat in Shanghai (which is how I know about this.) Spyder has a factory in Shanghai making both jackets and pants. At the factory you can buy any jacket for $50 US cash and pants for $16 US. They are real (at least the ones I have that he bought for me, I’m sure there are knock-offs too) and are part of the “over-run”. Almost all factories in China charge the manufacturer so much for material and include an extra amount (usually 5% or so). Out of this extra material they make extra pieces that are sold locally to augment their profits. It happens in every type of manufacturing, clothes, industrial goods, knick-nacks, EVERYTHING.

The manufacturer knows that this will happen, but it is still more cost effective for them to have these factories make the product, so it continues. Just the way it is...

North face also has a factory in Shanghai as does “The Gap”, Paul & Shark, and many others.
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Watch OUT - In Europe Last year thousands of FAKE Spyder Clothes came onto ebay from Chinese and German Sellers.

I think they even forbid Spyder Products for some month. Now they have a big FAKE warning.

Remember that all GoreTex Products must be QC for waterproofness.
Maybe its different of the products they sell now in the states. I wouldn't give it any trust. Remember that Membranes from Gore are blody expensive.

There was even a website set up to identify fake spyder jackets.
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