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What is a "plug boot?"

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I see many references but I still have no idea what this means. Can someone explain?
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Plug Boot refers to a true race boot. Originally, the race and retail versions looked the same, but the demands of a racer required a stiffer, more powerful boot. To accomodate these demands, the inner mould (the plug) was made smaller so the boot's wall thichness could be increased, hence the term "Plug Boot". Now the term refers to the race boot model which is coloured similar to the retail version, but shares no other features. the are low volume designed to be punched and ground to fit the athlete's feet.
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Thanks. I feel slightly less ignorant now!
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The term "plug" refers to the earliest way of molding these... The inside of the boots would be formed with a "plug" that was only slightly "foot shaped". The real shape of the boot shell against the foot is created by the boot customizer for the racer.

While most plugs are not longer quite this extreme, that may help you understand the term and its origins...
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World Cup Race-Room Boots
"Plug" Boots

"What does that term mean?

Ski boots are made by injecting plastic into a mold. The molds are made of two pieces. The outer portion of the mold creates the part of the boot that we see from the outside. The inner part of the mold represents the foot or inner part of the boot. This inner part is referred to as the plug.
With race-room boots, the plug is smaller than consumer level boots. This makes the interior space smaller, the shell material thicker, and the boot more responsive.
As the inside of the boot is smaller, the liner of the boot has to be thinner. This thin liner allows the skiers foot to be very close to the boot shell. The thicker shell material allows the boot fitter to carve and sculpt the boot from the inside out to fit the individuals foot. These boots are colder than consumer boots because they fit so presciceley, and because the liners are so thin..."

QUOT. from: www.gmolfoot.com
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