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Rudy Project anyone?

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Anyone else trying out the Rudy Project eyewear?

I just proformed some goggles and Graal changeable lense glasses. I gotta say, the shades are really sweet. The changeable lense system seems to work really well. The quality of the glass is very good IMO. The clarity and definition is excellent. Great stuff at great prices. Obviously, our PSIA pro prices are great, but the retail prices seem to be less than comparable Smith or Oakleys too.
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Taylormatt are they Goggles or Sunglasses? i had an old pair of smith Sunglasses with changable lens and liked them a lot but at $100.00 or so they seem to find legs and walk away. Goggles with a quick easy changable lens would be nice.
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They offer both. Check out www.rudyprojectusa.com

My Graal's are shades with active brown, red and clear lenses. I ordered goggles with clear lenses for night skiing under the guns.
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Taylormatt: I have a pair of the Rudy Project Ekynox SX, which I use now to replace my old Graal Fyol (that I lost). I liked the Graals, but the Ekynox has a nice rubber, non-slip, adjustable nosepiece and they have small opening between the lense edge and the frame which has seemed to work well with ventilation to prevent steaming up too much. I use them skiing and mostly mountain biking and they work great for both. The only issue is that the Ekynox only comes with one pair of lenses and other lense colors are available for extra $$.
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I got a full setup with 3 diff. color lenses for free as a field test! Nice!
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Has anyone used Rudy Project glasses with the clip-on corrective lenses? I am thinking about this as an option for me so that on days when I can't (or would prefer not to) wear my contacts, I could clip on the lenses and be good to go.

If you have used them, how did you get the prescription filled (by Rudy Project or somewhere else)? How well do they work? Any issues?
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brianenos.com An awesome action pistol shooting web site and forum has lots of reviews and sources for Rudy Project glasses. Competitive shooters love them!
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As an update, my wife ordered a pair of golf specific glasses. She loves them. Also turned a few guys at our club onto them. She'll be ordering a ski pair for the winter since she wears contacts, she has to have some sort of wind protection.

Mine are now 9 months old, worn nearly everyday summer and winter and look good as the day they arrived. Seem to be holding up better than any pair of Oakley's I've owned in the past. Not a single scratch on any of the lenses either, VERY durable.
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Taylormatt, has she considered the clip-on corrective lenses?

Idahojef, thanks, I'll check that site...
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When I wore corrective lenses, I couldn't wear glasses, I used contacts exclusively, glasses just distorted everything in my view. Lasik is the way to go.

The rudy stuff looks good, nothing like my M-frames though?
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Originally Posted by ssh
Taylormatt, has she considered the clip-on corrective lenses?

Idahojef, thanks, I'll check that site...
No, she wears contacts 99% of the time. Wind dries them out quickly, so for skiing and golf she wears the shades more for wind protection than anything.

I thought RP made the lenses to your prescription, not clip ons? Am I wrong? Dunno, not being a glasses/contacts wearer, I never really looked into it.
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Thanks, TM. They actually use a clip-on system with all but one (that one is a flip-up). The clip-on clips to the nose bridge. I am trying to figure out if RP does it (I send them my prescription) or I have to have it done elsewhere.

Yeah, Phil, I've been thinking about Lasik for years. So far, though, I haven't taken that step.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Yeah, Phil, I've been thinking about Lasik for years. So far, though, I haven't taken that step.
I had mine done 2 days after 9/11, best thing I ever did for myself.
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Not the first time I've plugged this product in this forum, but I am extremely pleased. I have two Rx pairs, Raptor CV with grey polarized and dawn dusk lenses. http://panoptx.com
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