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Where should I go?

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Hey everyone,
I just moved to Connecticut from Minnesota and am not very familiar with the Northeast. I am wondering which resorts in the area are worth checking out. I am about an 8 out of 10 in terms of skill level, skiing on brand new K2 Apache Crossfire's. Let me know if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks a lot.
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take a ski week at Sugarloaf in Maine , stay on mountain , they have great package deals, lots of different types of terrain, check it out Sugarloaf.com
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I'll second that vote for the Loaf. They have gotten snow when everywhere else has been rained on. I was there last week and the conditions were great. I'm headed back this weekend. I hear Sunday River is doing well, as is Killington, and Jay is claiming a big dump is in store for them this weekend.
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Definitely Sugarloaf, the only mountain I miss in the East. Jay Peak is also good.
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For day trips - Butternut & Catamount are in the Berkshires (Mass-NY border), Stratton & Bromley in Vt. If you are on the NY side of CT, there's Windham, Belleayre, and Hunter.

Most of these places may not have the amount of challanging runs you may be looking for, but for a day-trip they all offer black diamonds and doubles....relative to each mountain, but still, it's a day trip, not bad.

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Vermont has the best skiing in the east and it's closer to CT than Sugarloaf. Southern VT's steepest skiing is at Magic Mountain. A little farther up, K-Mart (Killington) is a big mountain by any measure and has some steeps, lots of bumps, and some tree skiing too. But. coming from where you come from, be prepared for severe ski-culture shock; K-mart draws a huge NYC crowd. Farther north, Sugarbush, Mad River, Stowe, Jay Peak are all good.
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