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Mens World Cup: Val d'Isere DH training

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This isn't necessarily a spoiler, per se, as it's just a training run.

However here are the results of the only training run for this race (which likely means they'll flip the top 30 in the FIS rankings for the start, rather than the order of finish in this run):

1. Hermann Maier (Austria) 1:58.90
2. Didier Cuche (Switzerland) 1:58.92
3. Werner Franz (Austria) 1:58.99
4. Kristian Ghedina (Italy) 1:59.02
5. Bode Miller (U.S.) 1:59.07 (disqualified)
6. Michael Walchhofer (Austria) 1:59.09
7. Patrick Staudacher (Italy) 1:59.24
8. Antoine Deneriaz (France) 1:59.31
9. Didier Defago (Switzerland) 1:59.77
10. Christoph Kornberger (Austria) 1:59.87

14. Daron Rahlves (USA) 2:00.33
41. Erik Guay (CAN) 2:01.49
53T. Justin "JJ" Johnson (USA) 2:02.15
53T. Jeff Hume (CAN) 2:02.15
59. Scott McCartney (USA) 2:02.72

Two things to note:

1. Bode's DQ was due to the fact that he ran the run with his GS suit, which is not FIS plombed for air penetration (and thus an illegal suit for DH - see FIS Rule 627.2). He's still running fast, though.

2. Maier is back on his old Lange boots after running the first 6 races of his season on Atomic boots. He credits his good run today on being back on his "familiar" boots.

Any thoughts or comments?
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Where will Bode start, given the DQ?
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Bode will start 23rd in tomorrow's race, according to the World Cup Start list, which (according to Ski Racing) "essentially reflects the athletes' performance in downhills in the last 365 days"

Daron starts 29th.
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More on Bode's DQ, from Ski Racing:

Miller on DQ list after training run because of technicality

Bode Miller, the leader of the World Cup, was disqualified from the training run for wearing his giant slalom suit, rather than his downhill suit. The heavily-padded giant slalom suits are not air-permeable enough for legal use in World Cups, but Miller wore it, his coaches said, because he likes to be warm and likes to hit the gates.

Miller likes to take the direct line when he can, as he did in the Beaver Creek super G. There he knew he had dumped time with a mistake above the flats, so he skied the bottom of the course with a tight line, flattening gates and reminding fans of his giant slalom technique from 2002. "The bottom of that course salvaged my day," recalled Miller. "I won the bottom split, as I suspected I would. But the skiing was really fun. The skiing was really fun. I skied the way I used to a few years ago. Really direct. It's not the fastest way I can ski, but it's really fun."
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There's something weird about being "disqualified" from a training run that isn't even used to set the start order.

Whatever ....
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My thought exactly
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