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Steamboat Lodging recommendations?

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all right. on another thread i am getting a lot of recommendations for Steamboat for a trip early February (1st week-midweek).

Any recommendations regarding loding?

I'd prefer an inn/lodge type place than a big hotel, and I'd love to find a good value (meaning, nothing over the top fancy, but also not a total dump.. something in between, comfortable and with a good price and if it has some atmosphere that would be a good bonus). Also, if I have to make a choice to walk to the lifts or to walk to the restaurants/bars (not sure how Steamboat is setup and if it's better to stay in town or at the resort when it comes to restaurant/bars).. I'd rather walk to the restaurant/bars since I could always drive to the lifts (or I am sure there is a bus?).

When I say 'bars' I am not talking late-night dance clubbing type stuff. This is with the guys, but we are all married and are looking more to go out for a few beers to bar type athmospheres, maybe play some darts or pool or hang out.

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Bus service is great in town so I'd recommend saving some bucks and staying in town. Just ask the folks where you stay for information on the bus service.

Rabbit Ears is a nice motel and close enough to downtown.

I've thought about staying at this place the next time I'm up there: http://www.steamboathotelbristol.com/

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I can vouch for the Rabbit Ears Motel - we've been going to Steamboat for the last several years, and it's our lodging or choice. Most all of the businesses in town are on Lincoln Ave. (Hwy. 40) in a span of about 9-10 blocks, an easy walk from any place in town. The mountain is about 3 miles away, but there are 4 (free) shuttle bus routes that will take you just about everywhere you'd want go. There are several good, inexpensive restaurants both in town (including a sports bar) and at the mountain. I'm sure other people will chime in, but feel free to contact me if I can provide any other information.
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I'm really partial to Yampa View condominiums. Great price on 2 bed condos with excellent shuttle service to the gondy/ christie lifts, ski times and downtown.
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The above advice is good. The bus system is second to none and runs every ten minutes from all over the town. I always stay downtown. The Nordic is a good clean no frills motel at very reasonable price. Remodeled in the past year. The Alpiner is also inexpensive and not bad. Rabbit Ears is good as is the Bristol but a little more cost. All within walking distance to shops, bars and restaurants. Yampa view condos are nice but kind of inbetween town and the ski area and too far to walk to either, but a good deal if you need more room. I've also stayed a the Hampton, Days Inn and just about every other Hotel/Motel in Steamboat. My choice for a budget stay is the Nordic Lodge. $79 will get you a room with sepatate bedroom, pull out sofa two tv's small refridgerator and it's clean. Creekside Cafe across the street has the best Eggs Benedict in town, Double Z has the best BBQ, Steamboat Smokehouse has the best Marguritas, all within two blocks walk. Have fun
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Rabbit Ears is the spot
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