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Atomic R9s

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I am looking at buying some shaped skis and the R9s were recommended. I am an intermediate skier and this will be my first shaped ski. I weigh 140 lbs and am 63". Any size or alternate reccomendations?

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Given your weight/ability I would try the 170's.
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Sportsliquidator has R9's and 310 bindings cheep.
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Thanks for the info. Would 160s be better for the bumps or does it matter?? Does getting a smaller ski cut down on the skis performance?
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I would try the Dyanstar 4800 in a similiar size to the 170. they really ski super well I demoed them a t shop demo day. I was surporsd in the way they skied for the lenght an classification of ski.

skiing non-atomic skis give you the ability to get out of those hostage paltes that Atomic calls bindings. Get some Dyanstar, K2, Rossi, and get yourself a good pair of Look or marker bindings.

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